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Residence Life: Safety Regulations for Residential Living

Alcoholic Beverages

Rowan University regulations prohibit the possession and/or the use of alcoholic beverages in the residence halls. In the apartments, alcohol may only be possessed, consumed and purchased in accordance with all state and local laws. Alcohol may only be used in those apartments where all residents and their guests are of legal drinking age (21 years of age or older). Beer kegs and beer balls are not permitted on campus. This policy is subject to revision at any time. The Assistant vice-president of Residential Life and Student Programs, and/or his designee reserves the right to suspend alcohol privileges temporarily when it is in the best interest of the University community.

Candles, Incense, and Combustible Materials

Candles and incense are a fire hazard and are not permitted in the residence halls or apartments. Combustible materials such as gasoline, paint thinner, and oil lamps are not permitted within the residential facilities. Fire safety codes require strict compliance with this regulation. Propane grills are prohibited.

Communicable Diseases

If notified that a resident has been diagnosed as having a communicable disease (e.g., hepatitis, TB, etc.) which must be reported to the Department of Health, the Office of Residence Life will follow the procedures established by the State health authorities and/or the American College Health Association. Residence Life abides by the HIV/AIDS Policy as established by Rowan University.

Drug Use and/or Drug Possession

Student involvement in the use, possession, distribution, manufacture, and/or sale of drugs of any type is a matter of grave concern to the University. Student involvement in any of the aforementioned areas will result in disciplinary action by the University as well as cooperation with local law enforcement agencies.

Fire Alarms, Fire Drills, and Residential Safety

Each residence hall has at least two fire drills per semester. These drills will not be announced and you must evacuate the building immediately each time the fire alarm sounds. Disciplinary action will be taken if a student does not evacuate the building.

The misuse of fire alarms, fire detection devices, or fire extinguishers constitutes a serious offense. Any resident who misuses such equipment or devices will be subject to prosecution and disciplinary action. Residents are responsible for any damage to the system and they will be held financially accountable. Fire and safety regulations strictly prohibit the use or storage within residential facilities of explosives, fireworks, live Christmas trees, flammable liquids, fire-arms, ammunition, and combustible engines of any kind.


The University is not responsible for theft or the loss of money, valuables or personal property of residents. Each resident student is advised to carry personal property insurance through parents, homeowners or another personal policy. The resident is advised to keep the residence hall room or apartment door locked at all times. The University will not be responsible for loss of or damage to the assessed value of personal possessions caused by building malfunction or by University personnel including outside vending equipment such as washing, candy, and soda machines. The University will not be responsible for loss of personal property wherein negligence of the student is a contributing factor. Any incidents of theft should be reported immediately to the Residence Hall Director as well as the Department of Public Safety.

Locks and Keys

Residents will be issued a key to their room or apartment upon arrival. If a room or apartment key is lost, misplaced, or stolen, locks will be changed at the student's expense. Keys will not be issued until students have shown the Residence Life Office a receipt of payment. Residence Life keys are the property of the State of New Jersey. It is illegal to duplicate them. The resident agrees not to alter the apartment or residence hall locks, to create additional keys, transfer keys to someone else, and/or to install additional locks. This policy also applies to Mullica front door keys and combinations.


The right of residents to sleep and to study without interference from other individuals is a primary right. All residence hall and apartments residents are responsible for noise they and/or their guests create while in the residential facility. Quiet hours are in effect Sunday through Thursday from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m and Friday and Saturday form 12 a.m. to 10 a.m., however, residents are expected to be considerate of other residents at all times. Twenty-four hour quiet hours are enforced in all areas during final exam periods.

The use of amplified instruments is prohibited in University Housing. Students are however permitted to store musical equipment, including amplifiers in their assigned housing space.


Possession of firearms, hunting bows, pellet guns, gotcha guns and/or other weapons such as knives, whips, etc. pose a serious hazard to the residential community. Students are not allowed to carry or possess such equipment while on campus. The University will take disciplinary action and/or other appropriate measures to ensure the security of the University community.