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Employment Process Explained

Rowan University Officer Candidate / Administrative Support Staff,

The next phase of the selection process consists of the following elements conducted over the next two months:

Police / Security:

  • Initial Interview
  • Return completed Formal Application
  • Background Investigation
  • Formal Oral Board Interview


  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Medical Examination
  • Drug Screening

Administrative Support Staff:

  • Interview
  • Background Investigation (If applicable for position, e.g. Communications, Records)

If you successfully pass all portions of the selection process you may be selected as a Security Officer, or Administrative Staff with Rowan University Public Safety.

If you are not selected for employment as Administrative Support Staff for the Department of Public Safety and Office of Emergency Management, your name shall be retained for six months. If you are not selected as Security Officer your name shall be retained for up to one year, or until the search list is exhausted. This allows an opportunity to be re-considered without making reapplication for a Security position, if a vacancy occurs within the one year from the posted date. If you are not selected as a Police Officer, the New Jersey Department of Personnel retains your test scores for three years.

If you fail to complete any portion of the selection process or falsify any information your name shall be removed from consideration and you will not be considered for, reapplication and reevaluation.

If you have any questions about the selection process or require further assistance, please contact:

Rowan University Human Resources

Linden Hall

201 Mullica Hill Road

Glassboro NJ. 08028

Phone (856) 256-4134

Fax (856) 256-4714



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