Public Safety

Lost and Found

(Last Updated 3/15/2017 at 11:00 am)

Date Found
Location Found
Item Description
10/05/2016 Lot-H Cell Phone
10/05/2016 Student Center Cell Phone
10/06/2016 EPA Credit Card
10/06/2016 Willow Hall Cell Phone
10/07/2016 Rowan Boulevard Jewelry
10/07/2016 Library Tablet
10/06/2016 Holly Pointe Commons Drivers License
10/09/2016 Lot-D Bag
10/10/2016 Student Center Bank Card
10/10/2016 Chestnut Hall Keys
10/10/2016 Library Wallet
10/12/2016 Rec Center Jewelry
10/12/2016 Unknown Bank Card
10/14/2016 Student Center Bank Card
10/14/2016 Robinson Hall Cell Phone
10/16/2016 Lot C/D Rowan ID
10/16/2016 Holly Pointe Commons Keys
10/25/2016 Bole Annex Glasses
10/26/2016 Rowan Boulevard Medication
11/02/2016 Victoria/High Bank Card, Key
11/03/2016 Student Center Cell Phone
11/06/2016 Bunce Hall Bookbag
11/06/2016 Rowan Boulevard Wallet
11/06/2016 Rec Center Cell Phone
11/07/2016 Memorial Circle Bank Card
11/07/2016 Bole Annex Key
11/08/2016 Bunce Hall Key
11/11/2016 Chestnut ID Cards
11/11/2016 Student Center Headphones, wallet
11/11/2016 Rec Center Cell Phone, Debit card
11/12/2016 unknown Cell Phone
11/18/2016 Student Center Credit Card
11/20/2016 Rowan Boulevard ID
11/24/2016 Lot-O Flash Drive
11/25/2016 Stadium Drive Keys
11/30/2016 Willow Cell Phone
12/03/2016 Robinson Hall Wallet
12/03/2016 Unknown Keys
12/04/2016 Football Field


12/05/2016 Bole Annex Credit Cards, Identification Cards
12/05/2016 Holly Pointe Commons Bank Card
12/13/2016 Bole Annex Wallet
12/18/2016 Rec Center Keys, Medical Device, Jewelry
12/30/2016 Student Center Bank Card
01/25/2017 Library Laptop
01/25/2017 Bunce Hall Jewelry
01/26/2017 Bunce Hall Jewelry
01/28/2017 Unknown Keys and Jewelry
01/29/2017 Lot-A Keys
02/13/2017 Art Gallery Watch
02/14/2017 271 Mullica Hill Road Keys
02/15/2017 Lot-J Gift Card
02/15/2017 Welcome Gate Money
02/15/2017 Esby Gym Knife
02/17/2017 North Campus Drive Watch, FitBit
02/19/2017 Oak/Laurel Hall Purse
02/19/2017 Unknown Bank Card
02/28/2017 Business Building Calculator
03/01/2017 Keys Redmond Ave
03/02/2017 Bole Annex Flash Drive
03/02/2017 Edgewood Park Apartments Keys
03/03/2017 Robinson Circle Musical Equipment
03/04/2017 Rowan Hall Wallet
03/13/2017 Bole Annes Bank card


How to retrieve an item that you suspect is yours?

Items will only be returned if the owner has provided sufficient verification that the item belongs to them (e.g. receipts, serial numbers, passwords, photos etc.). If you believe that an item listed above is yours, please contact the Rowan University Police Department Evidence Control Unit via e-mail below.

When contacting the officer's please be detailed in describing the item you believe is yours so we can tell your keys or cell phone, for example, from the many other sets of keys and cell phones turned in each month. Details that are helpful include: brand name, color, size, shape, the location and date that you believe you lost your item, model/serial number, quantity, material (leather, plastic, fabric, metal, etc.), special features, tags or labels, etc.

Valid photo identification (e.g. driver's license, university ID, etc.) must be provided when retrieving an item.

If you do not see your item listed above, check at the Student Center information desk. They occasionally receive lost and found items. Continue to check here as the list is updated weekely and some items are not always turned in right away.


Evidence Control Unit



How to report a found item?

Immediately contact the Rowan University Department of Public Safety directly at 856-256-4922, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


**Note** Items with no known owner are held for safekeeping for up to six months, depending on the value of the article. After the appropriate time has elapsed, the items are disposed of according to applicable laws.