The Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine is dedicated to providing excellence in both undergraduate and graduate medical education, research and health care for New Jersey and the nation. An emphasis on primary health care and community health services reflects the School’s osteopathic philosophy, with specialty care and centers of excellence demonstrating our commitment to innovation and quality in all endeavors. The School seeks to develop clinically skillful, compassionate and culturally competent physicians from diverse backgrounds, who are prepared to become leaders in their communities.

Approved by the Faculty 09-18-2013



To be the best osteopathic medical school in the nation by providing a premier, dynamic academic environment that attracts and nurtures outstanding faculty, staff, and students who are dedicated to our mission to promote health and treat illness.

Reaffirmed by the Faculty 09-19-2012

Essential Values and Guiding Principles

Collegiality - Promote mutual respect, reward collaboration, encourage the open exchange of ideas, and facilitate the growth and advancement of individuals.

Guiding Principle:  We recognize that it is outstanding, innovative, dedicated people, working as a team, who make our mission, vision, and values a reality.

Compassion -Be aware of, accept and respond to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs of others.

Guiding Principle:  We consider the well-being of people to be preeminent in all of our activities.

Diversity - Support and foster tolerance, cross-cultural awareness and the dignity of all, regardless of race, color, ancestry, ethnicity, religion, gender, pregnancy or reproductive status, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital, familial or domestic partner or civil union status, military or veteran status, genetic information, or physical ability.

Guiding Principle:  We embrace all individuals in our communities and are committed to enhancing their health, knowledge, overall well-being, and opportunities.

Excellence - Provide superior education, patient care, and research.

Guiding Principle:  We are committed to excellence in osteopathic medical education, research, and clinical care, especially acknowledging the importance of our major partnerships in the fulfillment of our mission.  We measure our excellence against other outstanding academic health centers with a similar tripartite mission.

Innovation –Discover new ideas and develop cutting-edge knowledge to enhance the prevention, treatment, and cure of disease.

Guiding Principle: We are committed to innovation and collaboration across all aspects of our mission in the creation, discovery, delivery, and dissemination of new knowledge. 

Integrity - Demonstrate fairness, honesty, sincerity, professionalism, and a consistent commitment to our mission, vision, and values.

Guiding Principle:  We hold ourselves accountable for incorporating our mission, vision, and values into all operational processes, decision making, actions, and partnerships of the School.

Approved by the Faculty 09-19-2012

Strategic Goals & Objectives, AY/FY 2014

  1. Goal 1. Implement coordinated growth in all mission domains, consistent with need, resources and quality

    1. Undergraduate Medical Education
      1. Forge new relationships for clinical education
      2. Develop a plan for an accelerated track to complete osteopathic medical education
      3. Improve student advising/career counseling
      4. Continue to improve undergraduate curriculum
    2. Graduate Medical Education (GME)
      1. Forge new GME relationships
      2. Increase fellowship offerings (e.g., palliative care, OMM)
    3. Clinical Services
      1. Complete full functionality of EMR
      2. Improve branding of Faculty Practice Plan (FPP) [see goal 2]
    4. Research and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
      1. Maintain strong and stable leadership
      2. Create faculty capacity to fulfill education (SOM and GSBS) and research goals
    5. Statewide, regional and national role and partnerships
      1. Maintain national role as leader in diversity among osteopathic medical schools
    6. Faculty Recruitment and Retention
      1. Emphasize RowanSOM compensation package in faculty recruitment
      2. Develop academic skills of current faculty to improve effectiveness, satisfaction and retention
      3. Develop faculty leadership skills
      4. Determine reasons for faculty attrition
  2. Goal 2. Improve SOM’s image and brand recognition

    1. Continue rebranding as RowanSOM
      1. Implement visual standards
      2. Strengthen accountability for branding
    2. Rebrand the Faculty Practice Plan
      1. Emphasize the school’s osteopathic identity as its signature brand
    3. Establish a strong digital profile
      1. Complete migration and upgrade of website
      2. Establish targets and benchmarks for digital presence
    4. Improve internal Esprit de Corps
      1. Improve internal communications
      2. Provide staff development
  3. Goal 3. Improve service to internal and external customers

    1. Improve service to current and prospective patients
      1. Implement patient satisfaction survey to target improvement areas
    2. Improve service to current and prospective students
      1. Enhance and expand Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
    3. Improve service to current and prospective faculty
      1. Implement incentive compensation system for faculty
      2. Improve faculty pathways to promotion and tenure
      3. Improve faculty development and mentorship (See 1.6.)
    4. Improve community relations
      1. Clarify service area and its needs
      2. Work closely with host community of Stratford
      3. Serve community physicians via CME
  4. Goal 4. Diversify revenue base to promote stability and provide funding for growth

    1. Augment revenues associated with sponsored programs
      1. Identify opportunities for commercialization
      2. Increase clinical trials
    2. Improve philanthropic base
    3. Improve clinical revenue through a comprehensive strategy
    4. Identify new tuition-generating educational tracks and programs in the health sciences, independently and in cooperation with other Rowan schools (CCGE, Business, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Performing Arts, Education)
    5. Develop hospital-related revenue streams consistent with RowanSOM as an academic health center (AHC)
      1. Improve funds flow from Kennedy University Hospital – GME, hospital-based clinical trials, more effective clinical contracting terms, joint marketing as an AHC.
      2. Plan to enhance relationships with other affiliated hospitals
  5. Goal 5. Invest in infrastructure to support growth and quality improvement

    1. Conduct comprehensive assessment of infrastructure needs as part of Rowan University
      1. Facilities
      2. Information Technology (including inter-campus connectivity)
    2. Review Facilities Master Plan and identify plan to attain short-term priorities (e.g., Histology Lab Phase II, Science Center Roof)
      1. Increase biostatistical support
    3. Implement systems to make best use of existing facilities and physical assets (e.g., 25-Live, inventory of equipment, e.g., audience response system)
    4. Develop a staffed quality and value office within the FPP

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