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RowanSOM and RowanGSBS supports classroom instruction with online components using course management systems (CMS), which have the potential to enhance communication and integrate with other E-Learning technology such as course recording and smart classrooms. The RowanSOM curriculum is supplemented by online course materials and discussions. For example, most courses will usually provide syllabus, handouts, recorded lectures, assignments, and supplemental learning materials.

To Access Blackboard for the Stratford Campus go to

Blackboard FAQ

Trouble logging into Blackboard?

Make sure you are going to

Use your Rowan Network ID and password to login in.

To find out your Rowan Network ID is and reset your password go to

My course is not listed in the My Blackboard tab.

All RowanSOM and RowanGSBS courses are in blackboard.

If you are an instructor you willl see your course 4 weeks before the official banner start date. If you do not see your course after that email with the name of the course.

If you are a student you will see your course 2 weeks before the official banner start date. If you just registered for a course it may take a day or two for banner to sync up with blackboard. If you do not see your course after a couple of days email with the name of the course and the date you registered.

What browsers are supported by our version of Blackboard?

The Blackboard help center has a list of support browsers and basic plug-ins needed here Blackboard Learn 9.1 supported browsers.

Do I need any additional plug-ins for Blackboard?

If you are using a student laptop issued by Rowan SOM you have all the plugins needed.

If you are using a University computer on any campus you have all the plugins needed.

If you are using a computer from home at the minimum you will need. Note that we cannot provide any troubleshooting help for home computers.

Adobe Reader

Adobe Flash Player


How do I learn more about using Blackboard?

Addtional resources and training for using Blackboard can be found in the Stratford Campus Blackboard Resources organization in your Stratford Campus Resources Tab once you are logged into blackboard.

You can always email with questions and requests for one-on-one training.

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