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ExamSoft is used for secure, high stakes exams during Years 1 & 2 for most courses at SOM.

For general information, visit the ExamSoft web site.

For Students

If an exam is given via ExamSoft, students must use the SOM issued laptop to take the exam and must adhere to the SOM ExamSoft exam policy. If students use their own personal laptops, it should be noted that no support will be available from either ASET or IST EUS and that students run the risk of getting no credit for an ExamSoft exam taken on any laptop other than the RowanSOM approved, issued laptop.

For Faculty

ExamSoft has three main faculty/staff oriented products – Custom Home Page, SoftTeach Web, and SoftScore Web. These three products are web-based and so can be accessed anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. The products are currently three separate websites, i.e. a web address is needed for each one. All three products are best viewed using Mozilla Firefox as the browser; Internet Explorer does not work well with them and they may fail to function in certain circumstances. Note: in the near future, there will only be one website that has all three products integrated within it.

Custom Home Page
This is the product used to track exams. It allows for live views of download and upload records, and on-the-fly amendment of exam release details. It is mainly used on exam day to monitor and trouble-shoot if necessary.
SoftTeach Web
This is the product used to create and edit exam questions and exams. It is mainly used in advance of exam day to develop good quality exam questions and build and release upcoming exams.
SoftScore Web
This is the product used to grade exams. It allows for question adjustment, exam- and individual-level reporting, and category reporting. Release and selective release of results is also possible.

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