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Google Web Tools

Google Maps, Google Calendars and Google Drive can all be embedded into your web pages. ASET can help you find creative ways to use these resources beyond simply inserting simple widgets. We can help you get set up and offer effective ways of managing access to these resources.

A friendly warning: while Google products are free, you also must recognize that you are sharing information with a third party and Google can change their services without notice and your pages can rather unceremoniously break. As such, these tools are NOT appropriate for mission critical information or for any information covered by HIPAA and FERPA policies.

Google Maps

Maps can be included in your pages as the ubiquitous Google widget, but we can also use them to help visualize swarms or offer your users more choices at a single glance.

Google Calendars

As with Google maps, Google Calendars can be delivered as simple (and very flexible) widgets or can be consumed into an upcoming event feature that will appear on every page of your site (see the right column of the Research pages for an example). You can control who can see your calendar and who can add events. Your visitors can subscribe to your calendar and automatically feed your information into their own Google Calendars.

Google Drive (formerly Google Docs)

Google Drive offers shared storage for groups needing to collaborate on documents. We encourage you to use our own my.umdnj groups for file sharing and discussion, however there are times when you need to informally share NON sensitive information with parties who do not have portal access. More importantly, Google Drive allows you to collaborate on documents while controlling sharing and administration internally. ASET will be glad to help decide if Google Drive is your best option and then you get up and running .


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