Moodle News For Students


From this Fall semester onwards, all first and second year courses at SOM will be offered through Moodle.

We hope that transitioning to Moodle will improve your overall online learning experiences by:

  • offering compatibility to popular browsers and their latest versions (List of Moodle-supported browsers)
  • offering tools for collaboration and learning
  • providing an opportunity to connect with your online campus classmates
  • providing a user-friendly and stable online environment

Training: How will I be trained on Moodle?

You will be enrolled in two self-paced online training courses (Moodle 101 and US Travel Interactive) so you can learn how to use Moodle and practice interacting with common tools your instructors will be using in the upcoming semester. You should try and complete these courses prior to your first class session. Moodle 101 will help you get acquainted with Moodle's interface, navigation, and basic tools of a course. The US Travel Interactive course is designed for fun interaction with other students at UMDNJ who have participated in the course at one point or another; please continue that trend and feel free to post to the forums, take quizzes, and poke around with the other activities.

To access these courses on our Moodle UMDNJ site, go to The Moodle UMDNJ site ( and enter your portal username and password credentials (same as ANGEL).

Note: For the Fall term, you will access Moodle directly at and do NOT need to go through the portal as you did with ANGEL.

Once you are logged into Moodle, you will see the category, "Student Moodle Training" in the upper left hand corner of the page. If you have issues accessing these courses or logging in, contact Meredith Cushman at

Support: What if I if I have technical question about Moodle before and during my course?

If you need technical support with Moodle before the start of your course or after it has started, please contact the Moodle helpdesk between the hours of 9am to 7pm, Monday through Friday.

If you do not hear back from the Moodle helpdesk, or if the helpdesk cannot help you because it is SOM course specific issues, please contact Donna Dobie via email Turnaround time for answering your questions is usually several hours at most Monday through Friday from 7am till 3pm. During the evening and weekends please expect to hear back during the Monday through Friday 7am till 3pm hour; although email does get sporadically checked during off hours and you may here back sooner.


  • please remember that our Moodle site's esthetic may seem a little plain but it is evolving. The look, feel, and geography¬†may change as we get closer to launching our Fall semester and we receive more feedback from you.
  • You will not see your SOM courses until the official Fall start date listed in Banner.
  • By completing certain activities at the end of the "Moodle 101"course, you will automatically be entered in a drawing to win a t-shirt, mug, or mouse pad.

We hope you have a smooth transition to Moodle and have a productive Fall semester!

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