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Smart Classrooms / Echo360


The Echo360 capture system is set up in the Room 279 classroom and the auditorium to record year 1 and 2 lectures. Generally, all courses are recorded to include audio and video and the recorded lectures will be available via links in Moodle in each respective course.

For general information on Echo360 vist the Echo360 web site.

For Students


Please note that faculty has the option of not allowing their lectures to be recorded or only allowing certain portions (such as audio only) of their lecture to be recorded.

The lecture recordings are set up by one or two class representatives whose responsibility will be to schedule all of their class course lecture captures.

Each class selects one or two of their peers as IST/ASET Reps who are trained by ASET to schedule lecture captures via the echo360 system.

Echo360 recording instruction are provided during the first weeks of the school semester.

For Faculty


ECHO360 also can be used for delivering special event video recording. You will need to request the recording from Academic Technology. Let them know that they will be forwarding the resulting video to ASET for posting to the ECHO 360 system.

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