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While the RowanSOM web site primarily serves as the outward face of the school to prospective students, patients, media, and the research community, it also houses information meant for current students, faculty and staff. The files for the site are housed on the university servers and can be edited by designated faculty and staff using Adobe Contribute.

In its function as the public face of UMDNJ-SOM, site development responds to the needs of the marketing department. In its function as a tool for the current SOM community, development occurs in conjunction with Academic Affairs and the Dean's Office.

Additional web resources are available to the SOM through the my.umdnj portal where resources meant specifically for our community can be accessed in a secure, password-protected environment.

For Students

Of special interest to current students are

If you are interested in working on the STUCO web site or student club pages, please contact your student council representative.

Students may obtain UMDNJ web space for academic or clinical web sites that support the SOM mission. Note that you must have a faculty sponsor.

For Faculty & Staff

Faculty can find a page of quick references on the SOM site, which contains links meant to help in day to day tasks here at SOM. Among the many useful items you will find are links to administrative departments, information about grants and funding, Faculty Affairs forms and information and the weekly cafeteria menu.

Development, Design & Updates

At ASET we have the experience and knowledge to help you user-friendly web pages. We help you from the initial phases of audience identification, information architecture and content strategy through launch. Even after you have published your pages we support your continuing need for updates, search engine optimization and analysis of visitor traffic. We can also help implement Google services such as calendars, maps and documents into your site where needed.

SOM Web Design Choices

All SOM web pages are built on one of two basic web site templates that meet the university requirements for use of logo and branding bar at the top of every web page. In general, academic and administrative pages are built on the blue SOM templates typified by the SOM home page, while the patient oriented, clinical pages are built on the gold templates such as the patient care landing page.

A few centers and institutes at SOM may also have their own page design with approval from Marketing and the office of the COO.

How to Update your Pages

For simple changes in text or updates to documents

We want you to own your own web content. We want you to be able to update it at will and without being dependent on others' schedules or work load. To that end ASET and the universty will provide you with Adobe Contribute software to make simple edits simple and quick. Contribute lets you browse to the page you need to edit, edit it in a simple Word-like interface, test your changes in your web browser, send your changes for approval if required and publish your updated page to the world. More information about Contribute and how to get it can be found here.

For changes to your site's layout, template and/or navigation

If you have simple navigational changes, you can send those requests to Harriet Whitlock ( by email or (if you are more comfortable marking up a hard copy) by campus mail. If you feel you need more elaborate updates, we will gladly schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas.

Web Forms

The SOM web server can be used to deliver simple web forms such as a contact form meant to send email to your department or a request form that collects information in a simple Excel file. Ask for these forms when it is important to maintain the SOM branding on your form and when your form is simple in nature.

For more complex forms and surveys, see the Survey Gizmo

Web Analytics

If you want to know something about who visits your web pages and where they come from, Google Analytics can help. Analytics code is automatically installed on all SOM web pages. The information gleaned from this very advanced web tracking software can help you optimize your site for Google searches, determine where your web content needs honing to serve your visitors better and track the effectiveness of print campaigns. We can give you access to your own pages' information or if you'd rather leave the work to us we can tailor reports to suit your needs and generate raw data for your own reports.


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