Camden Saturday Health Clinic - Osteopathic MedicalStudents Providing Comprehensive Health Care for those in need.

Clinic Staff 2015-16

CCHC Staff Picture 2015-16

                    • Faculty Advisor:
                    • Rebecca Moore, DO
                    • Elaine Sanjuan, OMS IV
                      Assistant Director:
                      Danielle Alaimo, OMS III
                    • Patrick Eigbe, OMS IV
                      Eric Goldwaser, OMS III
                      Rachel Odeyemi, OMS IV
                      Amit Shah, OMS IV
                      Ester Thoby, OMS IV
                      Bernadette Bibber, OMS III
                      Cathy Chen, OMS III
                      Tim Cheung, OMS III
                      Janisha Patel, OMS III

            • Assistant Administrators:
            • Ommul Ali, OMS II
              Kathryn Eckert, OMS II
              Kevin Lee, OMS II
              Samantha Paglinco, OMS II
              Lea Rowson, OMS II
              Julien Atis, OMS I
              Anna Ayum, OMS I
              Tara Beck, OMS I
              Sheila DeYoung, OMS I
              Ashley Koontz, OMS I

A big thank you to the past members of the clinic who have left us for residency! All of us at the clinic have enjoyed working with you and we hope the very best for your future!

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