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Clinic Staff 2013-14

Clinic Staff 2013-14

                    • Director:
                    • Patricia Martin, Class of 2014
                      Assistant Director:
                    • Seema Malkana, Class of 2015
                      Bill Gartlan, Class of 2014
                      Maggie Chery, Class of 2014
                      Quidest Sheriff, Class of 2014
                      Eric Goldwasser, PhD Candidate/Class of 2017
                      Resource Coordinator:
                    • Amy Schmeltzer: Class of 2014
                      Treasurer/Senior Student Scheduler:
                    • Geoff Dreher, Class of 2015
                    • Physician/Administrator Scheduler:
                    • Kyley Leroy, Class of 2015
                    • Secretary:
                    • Alex Amaducci, Class of 2015
            • Voicemail Manager:
            • Jeanette Taveras, Class of 2015
              Data Capture & Analysis:
            • Sam Bartling, Class of 2016
              Outreach & Public Relations Coordinators:

              Carla Suarez, Class of 2016
              Danielle Alaimo, Class of 2017
              Fundraising Committee:
              Amit Shah, Class of 2016
              Christine Chen, Class of 2016
              Tim Cheung, Class of 2017
              Bernadette Bibber, Class of 2017
              Frances Ding, Class of 2017
              Janisha Patel, Class of 2017

A big thank you goes out to the past members of the clinic who have left us for residency! All of us at the clinic have enjoyed working with you and we hope the very best for your future!

Bruce Weng,Class of 2013
Neiman Ramjattan, Class of 2013
Yewade Ng, Class of 2013
Kate Garnier, Class of 2013
ShaEssa Wright, Class of 2013
Milan Patel, Class of 2012
Ken McMannus, Class of 2012
Michaela Olsavska, Class of 2012
Claudia Clarke, Class of 2012
Andrew Kelly, Class of 2012
Aylin Tanyeri, Class of 2011
Syrita Farrow, Class of 2011
Clare Lipperini, Class of2011
Eric Griffin, Class of 2011
Christina Garcia, Class of 2010
Bethany Cottingham, Class of 2010

2012-13 CSHC Staff







Clint Fleckenstein, Class of 2010
Melissa Pe, Class of 2010
Scott Schmidt, Class of 2010
Heather Abe, Class of 2009
Jennifer Gittleman, Class of 2009
Jennifer Sokol, Class of 2009

If you would you would like to join our staff, we invite members of the student body to apply at two times during the year. In the fall, we invite the incoming first year class to join the clinic by being members of the fundraising and outreach committees. In the spring, the rising third and fourth classes are invited to apply to become administrators for the clinic. The application process includes a short essay detailing why you want to be part of the clinic, followed by an interview with members of the staff. If you have any further questions about being a part of the clinic please email us at

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