Camden Saturday Health Clinic - Osteopathic MedicalStudents Providing Comprehensive Health Care for those in need.





The Camden Community Health Center is a completely volunteer run organization and relies on the medical student, physicians and staff's kindness in volunteering their time for the best care to our community and patients.

Providing our medical Students with:

    • Hands on experience in a medical clinic setting
    • Exposure to diverse populations, cultures and ethnicities
    • Development in important clinical skills, e.g. history and physicial exams
    • Documentation skills, e.g. SOAP note
    • Valuable interactions and performance feedback from attending physicians
      Dr. D demonstrating a phsyical exam


For Students Serving At the Clinic

The Basics

Please dress professionally with your white coat, ID tag and arrive promptly at 8:50AM for a brief orientation to the clinic. Feel free to bring instruments you have bought for physicial diagnosis as well as your stethoscope. If you plan to use your hours to count towards preceptor hours or the TOUCH award, please bring the necessary paperwork that day. The clinic is run by the administrator, a 3rd or 4th year student.

If you have a conflict with the date you have signed up for please contact the scheduler as soon as possible.

  Students learning how to place a PPD


What Do Students Do At the Clinic?

Usually you are paired with another student. If you are an underclassman (1st or 2nd year) you will be paired with an upperclassman, and if you are an uppclassman (3rd or 4th year) you will be paired with an underclassman. Together you will interview the patient and perform a physical exam. With this information you will report to the attending and share what information you have gathered. Together with the attending you will re-examine the patient and finalize the plans for the patient. This is a valuable time to practice your history and physical exam skills, as well as help teach your fellow students.

What if I want to be more involved than just volunteering?

If you would you would like to join our staff, we invite members of the student body to apply at two times during the year. In the fall, we invite the incoming first year class to join the clinic by being members of the fundraising committee. In the spring, the rising third and fourth classes are invited to apply to become administrators for the clinic. The application process includes a short essay detailing why you want to be part of the clinic, followed by an interview with members of the staff. Please email us if you have further questions at



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