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Center for Information Mastery


Welcome to the Center for Information Mastery at the Rowan University, School of Osteopathic Medicine (Rowan-SOM).  This Center is developed with support from a grant from the U.S. Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Services Administration, Division of Medicine and Dentistry in Primary Care under two grants:  The Academic Administrative Units Grant in Primary Care and the Predoctoral Training Grant in Primary Care.

The Department of Family Medicine (DFM) at the Rowan-SOM has been instrumental in teaching principals of evidence-based medicine to its medical residents. The Center of Information Mastery (CIM) was developed as part of the Department of Family Medicine to be a training Center for faculty, residents and students.  The concept of Information Mastery, includes mastering the information you need as a healthcare clinician for the care of your patients and for your own professional development.  Information Mastery generally includes training on medical informatics, as well as training in evidence based medicine.  This Center will provide training, resources and tools for faculty, residents and students to keep up-to-date with the high volume of medical information and research available, to answer clinical questions at the point of care, and to provide their patients with reliable medical information on the web. 

It is the mission of the Center to improve the knowledge, skills, practice behaviors and attitudes of physicians regarding Information Mastery.  Our goal is to help you to efficiently access the highest and best quality information you need so you can evaluate the evidence for your patient, make effective clinical decision, and provide the best possible care for your patients. 

The Center for Information Mastery will provide individualized instruction to faculty, residents and students who are interested in learning the skill of Information Mastery. 







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