Services for Students

Starting medical school can be quite stressful, especially considering the volume of material that must be learned and remembered. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is here to get the students started, to help them learn how to approach the material, and to inform them of the resources and services that are available. We are also here to help students understand the rules and regulations outlined in the student handbook, and to help mediate any necessary administrative procedures, such as applying for standardized tests, etc. Finally, we are here to help them deal with personal issues. For example, we work with the faculty and staff to re-schedule any quizzes/exams missed due to illness, or other factors beyond their control.

We provide the students with a range of services. For example, we offer individual consultations where we work with students to analyze their specific learning needs, or help them solve a particular problem. We also offer individual and group sessions that deal with such issues as: study skills, time management, test-taking strategies, etc. Another, very popular service for incoming SOM students is our PreMatric Program, - click here to find out more.

Americans with Disabilities Act - Disability Services

For students with documented disabilities, we provide accommodations and services to ensure equal access to educational programs and services in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990) and Rowan policy. Disability Services, part of the CTL office, facilitates the provision of these services and accommodations for students. Accommodations are determined on an individual basis using disability documentation and in consultation with the student. For more information on our process, click here.

If you would like to request accommodations, please fill out this Request for Accommodations form and submit it to CTL with the appropriate, updated documentation.


We have various resources, including printed texts, learning assessments, CDs, etc. Perhaps our best resource, however, is our bank of peer tutors. Our peer tutors are available to students at any time, for any subject, free of charge.

Prospective Students

We currently run a Preparation (PREP) Program for undergraduate students who are interested in health careers training - click here to find out more.


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