COCA Self Study Steering Committee

Linda Boyd, DO, Chair

Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO Dean
Pamela Basehore, Ed.D Mission, Goals and Planning
Vince DeRisio, DO Governance, Administration & Finance
Josh Lubin, MBA Facilities
Stephen Scheinthal, DO Faculty
Kathryn Lambert, DO Students
Michelle Targtaglia, DO
Carl Hock, PhD Research
Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO GME
Jacqueline Giacobbe, MS, MA Interim Director, Academic Affairs

Charge to Standard Committees:

  1. Review the pertinent COCA standard

  2. Determine how SOM does or does not meet each standard

  3. Make recommendations for corrective action where standards are not met

  4. Write a report of up to 10 pages.

Standard Committee Members

Standard 1: Mission, Goals and Planning

  • Pamela Basehore, Ed.D, Chair
  • John Bertagnolli, DO
  • Salvatore Caradonna, PhD
  • Bernd Spur, PhD
  • Vivian Lubin, MBA, MPH (Former subcommittee chair, retired 6/30/2014)

Standard 2: Governance, Administration and Finance

  • Vince DeRisio, DO, Chair
  • Michael Rieker
  • George Scott, DO, DPM

Standard 3: Facilities

  • Josh Lubin, Chair
  • Andrew Wagner
  • Patrick Chadd
  • Rocco Carsia, PhD
  • Donald Noll, DO
  • Bob McBride
  • Janice Skica
  • Sima Bennett
  • Jasen Sood, OMS-II

Standard 4: Faculty

  • Stephen Scheinthal, DO , Chair
  • Roz Vinson
  • Joshua Coren, DO, MBA
  • Thomas Morley, DO
  • Robert Hudrick, DO
  • Robert Nagele, PhD
  • Ronald Ellis, PhD
  • Joshua T. Lubin
  • Deanna Janora, MD

Standard 5: Students

  • Kathryn Lambert, DO, Chair
  • Marita Lind, MD
  • Dean Micciche, MA
  • Douglas Leonard, DO
  • Paula Watkins, MAS
  • Jacqueline Giacobbe, MS, MA
  • Christine Willse
  • Sue Muller-Weeks, PhD
  • Regina Wilmes, MA
  • Nosheen Jawaid, OMS-III
  • Samantha Cotler, OMS-II

Standard 6: Curriculum

  • Michelle Tartaglia, DO, Chair
  • Pam Basehore, EdD
  • Jacqueline Kaari, DO
  • Danielle Cooley, DO
  • Jennifer Caudle, DO
  • Jennifer Fischer, PhD
  • Jacqueline Giacobbe, MS, MA
  • Sterling Crawford
  • Nicholas Annichiarico, OMS-II, Second Year Class Representative
  • Lisa Pedevillano, OMS-II, Second Year PBL Representative

Standard 7: Research

  • Carl Hock, PhD, Chair
  • Richard Jermyn, DO
  • Eric Moss, PhD
  • Paola Leone, PhD
  • Esther Deblinger, PhD
  • Janice Ciesielski
  • Todd Regn

Standard 8: GME

  • Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, Chair
  • Michele Tartaglia, DO
  • Frank Levin, DO
  • Terry Brown
  • Chuck Tucker
  • Linda Boyd, DO
  • Jacqueline Giacobbe, MS, MA
  • Russell Mordecai, DO (First Yr. Resident)

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