Who should Current Housestaff Members
Contact for:

Benefits Questions?

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Prescription plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Adding a spouse or child

Contact Human Resources at (856) 566-6162 with questions or for application materials.

Contractual Issues between CIR and Rowan?

Interns are members of the Committee on Interns and Residents (CIR), a collective bargaining unit. Issues regarding contracts should be addressed to the CIR at (908) 624-0610.

Loan Deferment/Forbearance Processing?

Contact the GME Office at (856) 566-6707 or send your forms to the GME Office for Processing. Be sure the address to where the completed form should be sent is included and complete all sections required by you.

Information about Malpractice Insurance or Certification of your Malpractice Insurance?

Contact the GME Office at (856) 566-6707.

Obtaining a NJSBME Licensure Application?

Call the New Jersey State Board of Medical Examiners directly
at (609) 826-7100.

Information about Permits and Certification for NJSBME Licensure?

Contact the GME Office at (856) 566-6443.

Applications for CDS Certification or Questions?

(973) 504-6545

Applications for DEA Registration or Questions?

(973) 273-5063

Workman's Compensation/ On the Job Injuries?

Contact the GME office at (856) 566-6707 if you already received treatment (contact ASAP after the incident).

For medical treatment, seek medical assistance in the Emergency Room if urgent care is needed. For needlestick injuries, etc. also notify the Infectious Disease nurse.

For non-emergency and follow-up care, contact Dr. Dombrowski's office at (856) 566-6845. If you continue to receive treatment after initial care without approval from Dr. Dombrowski's office, you may jeopardize your ability to have reimbursement through Workman's Compensation.

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