Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are letters that support your application for internship/residency programs. They are written by physicians who have supervised you during your medical education. You should ask three people whom you feel will give you a positive recommendation if they would be willing to write a letter for you.

The best choice for letter writers would be clinical faculty members with whom you have worked extensively during clinical rotations, research or special projects. Another good choice is clerkship directors for rotations in which you received an “Honors” grade.

It is your responsibility to distribute the attached Request for Letters of Recommendation/Cover Sheet for the ERAS system for each recommendation you request to be sent with your application and to be sure to follow the procedures attached in order for us to transmit your letters with your application. Please note: each form must be signed and completed by you.

It is important to request these letters far in advance of when you will need them, as it may take a long time for them to be completed.

Please see the “Request for Letter of Recommendation."

Academic Affairs at RowanSOM will process letters of recommendation, which will be sent to the programs you designate via the ERAS Post Office from our office. (See the ERAS section for more information.)

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