Major Conferences/Case Reviews

Conferences and Case Reviews are held at the Washington Township facility. The primary conference time is Monday, from 7AM to 10AM. All residents are released from their clinical responsibilities to attend these lectures.

Journal Club

Journal Club is held monthly. Residents choose an article for review and ask an attending to act as co-discussant. This is generally held in the evening once a month.

Cesarean Section/Morbidity and Mortality Review - WTD

C-Section/Morbidity and Mortality Review is scheduled monthly. Residents prepare the statistics and review of several cases.

ACOG Compendium Review

Review is held monthly at Washington Township by an assigned attending.

Monday morning educational time

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Every Monday morning resident lectures and seminars will be held at the Washington Township - Kennedy Hospital campus in the 3rd Floor Conference Room from 7 - 10 AM. All resident duties are curtailed for attendance.

National and Regional Meetings


The ACOOG convenes twice yearly; in March and in September. Resident participation is encouraged. Residents presenting papers or posters at either of the meetings will receive monetary support for expenses. Per ACOOG requirements, all second year residents are mandated to attend the Mid-Year Meeting. This meeting is funded by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

New Jersey Ob/Gyn Society Yearly Meeting

Dr. Edward Klein from Our Lady of Lourdes has made arrangements for our residents to attend this yearly meeting.

New Jersey Maternal Fetal Medicine Society Meeting

This body meets four times per year with a dinner and lecture in Central New Jersey. Two residents are able to attend free as guests of the MFM faculty.

New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative Meeting

This group meets yearly for an educational seminar. Resident attendance is encouraged.

Recommended Textbooks

There are no specific textbooks required for the residency program. It is expected, however, that each resident will have reference textbooks in the following areas:

  • General Obstetrics
  • Complicated Obstetrics (Maternal-Fetal Medicine)
  • General Gynecology
  • Reproductive Endocrinology
  • Gynecologic Oncology
  • Benign Gynecologic Surgery
  • Fetal Ultrasound
  • General Medicine/Women's Health

Educational Programs

There are numerous ACOOG videotapes on ultrasound, gynecologic surgery, and obstetrical topics which are maintained on University websites. There are a number of reference books for resident assistance in the call room.

Departmental Education Committee

The Departmental Education Committee is comprised of the Departmental Chair, Residency Director and Associate Residency Directors. This group will meet on a quarterly basis to review the program and provide recommendations to the Director.

Departmental members from each affiliated hospital will submit resident evaluations quarterly, which will then be collated and reviewed by the Director. A composite evaluation will be prepared, discussed with the resident, and placed in the permanent files.

From Our Residents

"What's great about our residency is it's dedication to building a firm foundation in ob/gyn. From day one, residents are exposed to obstetrics, high risk deliveries, gyn surgeries and even subspecialty cases ." This philosophy allows first year residents to begin to develop surgical skills as well as keep fourth year residents fresh in obstetrics and gynecology surgeons - Deborah White, DO, PGY4

"The residents and staff are like a family. We have a great work environment where everyone lends a hand." — Casey Danielsen, DO, PGY5

"RowanSOM was a great place to train not only because of the experience and education provided but because of the working environment. The residents and attendings were always a pleasure to work with. This program prides itself on working together as a team in a supportive fashion to reach a common goal of high quality standards, excellent patient care and strive toward academic excellence." - Jennifer Gaide, DO (Graduated 6/30/12)


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