Specific Yearly Training/Core Curriculum

The following provides a brief overview of the training for each year.

Year One ( Specialty Track Program)

The PGY 1 Track is a special program that our department currently subscribes to, where the internship and first year of residency is accomplished. As a result, the PGY1 resident will have an experience of six months ambulatory and in-patient Family Medicine, Neonatal Intensive Care, Internal Medicine, Intensive Care Unit experience, and General Surgery.

The remaining six months emphasis is placed upon obstetrical labor and delivery, benign gynecologic evaluation, as well as emergency room evaluation of obstetrics and gynecology patients. During the course of their first year, the residents are expected to learn history and physical examination skills, the capability of delivering an uncomplicated vaginal and cesarean birth, and gain experience in operative vaginal deliveries, episiotomy repair, and minor gynecologic surgical procedures. Upon completion, the intern would fulfil the AOA intern requirements.

Year Two

The second year is designed to provide a solid foundation in general obstetrics. The majority of the residents’ time is spent on Labor and Delivery where he is evaluated on his ability to perform an in depth history and physical and reach an appropriate differential diagnosis and management plan for the patient. The resident will rotate through the antenatal testing unit in order to develop skill in ultrasound and fetal assessment on the Labor and Delivery floor. During the course of the year, the resident will maintain his or her time in the continuity clinic for the evaluation and management of obstetrical benign and complicated pregnancies as well as benign gynecologic diseases. Residents will also be offered multiple months of gynecologic surgery where they will gain further experience in minor gynecologic surgeries as well as assist if major gynecologic cases. Residents will continue to participate in all academic lectures.

Periodically the resident may have the opportunity to participate in minor and major gynecologic cases on an as needed basis.

On Monday Morning Resident Education Sessions take place and academic lectures are provided. All residents are relieved from clinical duty in order to be present at these sessions from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. The residents are also involved in basic rounds with the attending physician and are responsible for the care of the Family Health Center patients, whom they have been managing through the Out-Patient centers.

It is anticipated that after the first quarter of the academic year, the PGY II resident is expected to be able to perform a cesarean section independently with direct supervision. All residents are involved in house coverage where they learn the ability to manage patients on an independent basis with back up from in-house attendings and private attendings.

Year Three/Four

  • The role of the third and fourth year residents will primarily be that of gynecologic surgery.
  • The resident will have the ability to alternate as primary surgeon on all major cases.
  • The third year residents will rotate at Cooper University Hospital offices for Gynecologic Oncology, Reproductive Endocrinology as well as Breast Surgical Oncology.
  • The fourth year residents will again rotate through Cooper's Gynecologic Oncology office as well as Urogynecology.
  • Both the third and fourth year resiidents will maintain a minimum of a half day a week for continuity clinic as well as periodically rotate through labor and delivery to maintain obstetrical skills. By the end of the fourth year, the resident will have completed an appropriate research project and performed a poster presentation at an ACOOG conference.

Osteopathic Principles and Practice

The resident is expected to embrace Osteopathic Principles and Practice as it applies to the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology.

CREOG Examination

Each year, the CREOG examination is administered in January. Each resident is required to complete this examination.

From Our Residents

"What's great about our residency is it's dedication to building a firm foundation in ob/gyn. From day one, residents are exposed to obstetrics, high risk deliveries, gyn surgeries and even subspecialty cases ." This philosophy allows first year residents to begin to develop surgical skills as well as keep fourth year residents fresh in obstetrics and gynecology surgeons - Deborah White, DO, PGY4

"The residents and staff are like a family. We have a great work environment where everyone lends a hand." — Casey Danielsen, DO, PGY5

"RowanSOM was a great place to train not only because of the experience and education provided but because of the working environment. The residents and attendings were always a pleasure to work with. This program prides itself on working together as a team in a supportive fashion to reach a common goal of high quality standards, excellent patient care and strive toward academic excellence." - Jennifer Gaide, DO, (Graduated 6/30/12)


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