Faculty and Staff Physicians

The Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at RowanSOM is Keith P. Williams, MBBS, DABOG, MBA.

The department is composed of a number of physicians including generalists, perinatologists, a urogynecologist and a reproductive endocrinologist. Most of the attending physicians are volunteer faculty with a strong commitment to teaching.  The following is a list of current attendings and their primary affiliated hospital. 

Kennedy Memorial Hospital - Washington Township Campus

Keith P. Williams, MBBS, DABOG, MBA, Department Chair* Maternal Fetal Medicine
Michele Tartaglia, DO, Residency Program Director* General Ob/Gyn
Sarah Appleby-Wineburg, CNM* Instructor, Ob/Gyn
Ronald E. Ayres, DO General Ob/Gyn
Charlene Bramble, MD* General Ob/Gyn
Robyn Carlisle, CNM* Instructor, Ob/Gyn
Eduardo Carreaga, MD* Breast
Xinhua Chen, MD* OB/Gyn Research
Geeta Chhibber, MD, Site Director, Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center Maternal Fetal Medicine
George H. Davis, DO*, MFM Specialist, Kennedy University Hospital Maternal Fetal Medicine
Jamesina Harrick, CNM Ob/Gyn
Jennifer Hummel, DO* General Ob/Gyn
Martin E. Kanoff, DO* General Ob/Gyn
Sandra Leber*, DO General Ob/Gyn
Azieb Lofton, DO* General Ob/Gyn
Timothy McKinney, MD UroGynecology
Elias Nemeh, MD* General Ob/Gyn
Maria Nguyen, DO* General Ob/Gyn
Leisa O'Flynn, DO General Ob/Gyn
Gary S. Packin, DO Reproductive Endocrinology
Diane Reynolds, CNM* Instructor, Ob/Gyn
Kathleen Riley, CNM* Instructor, Ob/Gyn
Anthony Salerno, MD*, Site Director, Sewell General Ob/Gyn
Howard Saul , DO Gynecology Oncology
Stephen Sawin, MD Reproductive Endocrinology
Rose Scafidi, CNM Instructor, OB/Gyn
Theresa O. Scholl, PhD* Ob/Gyn Research
Robert Skaf, MD Reproductive Endocrinology
Chevelta Bostick-Smith, DO* General Ob/Gyn
Robert Steer, PhD Adjunct Professor
Peter Vandeerlin, MD Reproductive Endocrinology
* Indicates full-time faculty  


* indicates full-time University faculty.

From Our Residents

"What's great about our residency is it's dedication to building a firm foundation in ob/gyn. From day one, residents are exposed to obstetrics, high risk deliveries, gyn surgeries and even subspecialty cases ." This philosophy allows first year residents to begin to develop surgical skills as well as keep fourth year residents fresh in obstetrics and gynecology surgeons - Deborah White, DO, PGY4

"The residents and staff are like a family. We have a great work environment where everyone lends a hand." — Casey Danielsen, DO, PGY5

"RowanSOM was a great place to train not only because of the experience and education provided but because of the working environment. The residents and attendings were always a pleasure to work with. This program prides itself on working together as a team in a supportive fashion to reach a common goal of high quality standards, excellent patient care and strive toward academic excellence." - Jennifer Gaide, DO (Graduated 6/30/12)


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