Weekly Didactic Schedule Overview

Wednesdays from 6:30am-Noon

Grand Rounds (1.5hr)

Each week presentations are given by guest lecturers in their orthopedic sub-specialty. At the conclusion of the presentation, two resident provided cases are reviewed by the presenter for discussion. For example, if a sports attending is lecturing case reviews may include an arthroscopic case with MRI images and intra-op pictures, or if a joint attending is lecturing, cases involving peri-prostethic fractures or the management of joint infection could possibly be presented and discussed.

Fracture Conference (1hr)

Each resident brings two cases per week to share. These cases are to represent the cases being performed throughout the hospital systems and at least two cases each week should represent poly-trauma and high energy injuries. A maximum of two of the same fracture types are shown each week to ensure adequate variety in discussion.

Core Curriculum Lecture (1hr)

This year’s core curriculum will be utilizing the AAOS Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review (COR). The format is laid out such that the entire book is covered in one academic year with weekly chapters assigned for reading. Weekly round table discussions are led by the PGY-4 and PGY-5 residents based on the assigned readings with a free flowing format that encourages questions as they arise.

Lecture Series (0.5hr)

The lecture series consists of landmark journal articles that augment the weekly topics and correspond to the Core Curriculum. Approximately 2-3 articles per week are covered and are presented by the junior residents in PowerPoint format.

Basic Science, MSK Infection and Pathology Lecture Series( 0.5hr)

This compilation of lectures utilizes four different texts: AAOS COR, AAOS OKU MSK Infections, AAOS OKU Pathology, andAAOS Basic Science Review. Two topics are covered weekly and relevant chapters are correlated with the weekly topics to coincide with the lecture series and core curriculum. These lectures are presented by the junior residents in PowerPoint format.

OITE Review (1hr)

The last hour of conference each week focuses on OITE question review. This review follows a two tier system consisting of Tier 1 which utilizes an AAOS Subspecialty Review Book with questions targeted to reinforce the selected weekly topic. Tier 2 consists of a review of the most recent year’s OITE. Approximately 25 questions from each tier are discussedon a weekly basis.

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