Orthopedic surgery residents at Rowan School of Osteopathic Medicine benefit from academic lectures and Grand Rounds in cooperation with the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Thomas Jefferson University. This joint relationship offers a balanced program of both didactic and group participation conferences to foster and encourage resident education.



Monday Evenings 5:00pm - 8:00pm at Rothman Institute in Marlton, NJ

Each Monday, conferences are lead by dedicated attending physicians in each subspecialty and resident attendance is mandatory. Residents actively participate at all levels of this conference program and take an active role in the education of medical students who rotate through the orthopedic service.



Friday Mornings 6:00am - 8:00am at Rothman Institute in Marlton, NJ

Grand Rounds include presentations teleconferenced given every Friday morning from faculty and visiting professors presenting at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Prominent orthopedic surgeons throughout the country and the world lecture and provide the latest updates on topics relevant to their subspecialty.



Variable Schedule

Approximately once a month, residents on specific subspecialty rotations join with the orthopedic residents and attending physicians from Rothman Institute at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for an informal gathering to discuss articles in the latest orthopedic journals. Junior residents are responsible for presenting and critiquing articles.

The Journal Club is usually hosted by one of the attendings at his or her residence. Food and refreshments are provided. Faculty and residents find this informal setting as an excellent opportunity to discuss and debate current orthopedic topics outside the hospital.



Residents have the unique privilege to collaborate with esteemed and well-written orthopedic attendings from multiple subspecialties. Plentiful resources and opportunities are available for all level residents through Rowan University research department, as well as participating research facilities at Thomas Jefferson University.

Research requirements include mandatory publication of 1-2 peer reviewed journal articles per training year. Guidance and support from attendings and colleagues are available during monthly research meetings, as well as welcomed open discussion with attendings on a daily basis.

In addition to peer-reviewed publications, many residents also become involved with unique case reports, editing and drafting of book chapters and multimedia publications or demonstrations. All of these research opportunities and achievements will provide graduating residents with the necessary background to succeed in any orthopedic subspecialty fellowship, as well as initiating a relationship with orthopedic academic societies and conferences.



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