PGY II Residents

12 months of Inpatient Psychiatric Care, which will include: ER/Crisis Center care, Acute Inpatient Psychiatric care, as well as Consultation & Liaison care


PGY III Residents

  • 2 months of Child/Adolescent Inpatient care
  • 1 month of Neurology
  • 4 months of Sub-Acute Inpatient Psychiatric care at Camden County Health Services Center
  • 1 month of Forensics
  • 1 month of Geriatrics
  • 3 months of Elective Rotations

PGY IV Residents

12 months of Outpatient Psychotherapy in an office-based setting

The resident will be introduced to the practice of psychiatry in our department's suburban office. Each resident will be assigned a caseload, wherein they will complete initial psychiatric evaluations and then follow patients as determined by clinical need. This is also to include patients receiving neuromodulatory treatment [TMS, ECT, etc] as well as patients enrolled in the Treatment-Resistant Depression Clinic with supervision from Dr. O'Reardon.


12 months of Outpatient Community Health

Each resident will be assigned to one Community Mental Health Center. Residents will work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in treating a variety of diagnoses. Special emphasis will be placed on the treatment of underserved populations and persons who are Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill. Residents will be supervised by on-site Attendings.

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