Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Department of Surgery is committed to producing a qualified, competent, practitioner of surgery by providing an educational environment, exposure to patient care, and guidance into leadership roles.

The four-year program in General Surgery at RowanSOM fulfills the basic requirements for eventual certification in General Surgery. Residents in the program engage in the allied fields of surgery, including medicine, oncology, pathology and anesthesia, through in-depth involvement in a wide variety of cases and exposure to a diverse patient population.

From Our Residents

"Our residency is among the best whether allopathic or osteopathic. We receive a great education. Our Clinical and operating skills, by the time we graduate, are excellent." Our attendings are great teachers as well as great mentors."
Alex Morales, DO

"I have seen how other surgical programs train their residents and have worked with a variety of graduates and residents in the largest medical center in the world. I would put RowanSOM up against any of these. The training is well-rounded, the academics are solid and the surgical experience is outstanding. I consider it an honor to have been trained by this program."
Adair de-Berry Carlisle, DO

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