Our Residents


  • Mohamed Elsagga, DO

    Mohamed Elsagga, DO

  • Ashanthi Ratnesekera

    Ratnasekera, DO

  • Kay Yoon-Flannery, DO

    Kay Yoon-Flannery, DO


  • Mike Allard, DO

    Mike Allard, DO

  • Eve Bruneau, DO

    Eve Bruneau, DO

  • Tatyana Faynberg, DO

    Tatyana Faynberg, DO

  • Nidhi Khanna, DO

    Nidhi Khanna, DO

  • Majid Kianmajd, DO

    Majid Kianmajd, DO

  • Andrew Loveitt, DO

    Andrew Loveitt, DO

  • William Stembridge, DO

    Stembridge, DO

  • David St. Michel, DO

    David St. Michel, DO


  • Lisa Harasymczuk, DO

    Lisa Harasymczuk, DO

  • James Nangeroni, DO

    James Nangeroni, DO

  • Neha Patel, DO

    Neha Patel, DO

  • Elton Taylor, DO

    Elton Taylor, DO

  • Roshin Thomas, DO

    Roshin Thomas, DO


  • Sunny Kar, DO

    Sunny Kar, DO

  • Phuong Nguyen, DO

    Phuong Nguyen, DO

  • Mara Pilton DO

    Mara Pilton, DO

  • Michael Renda, DO

    Michael Renda, DO

  • Jonathan Sedeyn, DO

    Jonathan Sedeyn, DO

  • Kunal Vani, DO

    Kunal Vani, DO


  • Reece Alkire DO

    Reece Alkire DO

  • James Davis, DO

    James Davis, DO

  • Stephen Gallo, DO

    Stephen Gallo, DO

  • Rahul Sharma, DO

    Rahul Sharma, DO

From Our Residents

"As a graduating chief, I believe that my experiences in this residency program have prepared me to become a great general surgeon. I have a vast variety of operative cases and extensive autonomy towards patient care. The wide variety of exposure has molded me into a very proficient surgeon. The exposure to direct transplant surgery without fellows has been a great experience as well."
Nicole Harris, DO
- Class of 2015

"One thing I have always really liked about our program is the level of independence and expectations of the residents. It's sink or swim, and that forces you to become very good and quickly."
James Nangeroni, DO

- Class of 2018

“This program forces you to work autonomously and mature quickly.  The learning curve is steep.  But in exchange, you have direct operative and face time with general, bariatric, vascular, transplant, and cardio-thoracic surgeons.  When I graduate, I know I’ll have a solid knowledge of general surgery, and I’ll have the skills to handle tough situations.”
Jonathan Nguyen, DO
- Class of 2015

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