The Office of Student Affairs plans and support all university-sponsored student programs including the White Coat Ceremony, Orientation Week and Convocation, to name a few.


Key Events

White Coat Ceremony

The orientation program includes a white coat ceremony and welcoming reception inspired by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation. The Arnold P. Gold Foundation was established to recognize and promote physicians who demonstrate both scientific excellence and devotion to comprehensive patient care. The white coat is a symbol used to express and/or reaffirm our dedication to preserving humanism in medicine. The ceremony is a ritualized event to define a shared interpretation. The white coat provides the milieu for becoming a physician.

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An annual convocation ceremony is held to specifically acknowledge the accomplishments of graduating students. Students, parents, faculty and guests are invited to the ceremony which is followed by a reception and dinner dance. During this event, students and faculty are presented with several awards, including:

  • Certificates of Honor for outstanding achievement awarded by departments;
  • The Dean’s Award for outstanding academic achievement to a member of the class;
  • Stanley S. Bergen, Jr., M.D., President Emeritus Excellence Award;
  • New Jersey Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons Award for Excellence in Osteopathic Medicine;
  • Dean’s Special Recognition Award;
  • Alumni Association Leadership Award;
  • Community Service Award;
  • Golden Apple awards from the class to faculty for excellence in teaching; and
  • Donna Jones Moritsugo Spousal Award.



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