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Clinical Education coordinates:

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Diane Vilardo, Staff Assistant
Office of Academic Affairs, Suite 210
1 Medical Center Drive
Stratford, NJ 08084-1501

Office Visits

The office is open for drop-in visits M - F from 9:00-5:00 PM. If you cannot make it to the office before 5:00 PM, please email me to schedule a mutually convenient time.

Student Mailboxes/Student Drop Box

Student mailboxes are located on the second floor of the Academic Center, outside of Suite 210. They are a primary means of contact between Academic Affairs and students. Check your mailbox on a regular basis for announcements, grades, and other items. The mailboxes may be accessed 24 hours a day.

The Student Drop Box is a metal slot located to the right of the student mailboxes. Please use the drop box after hours to leave information for academic departments. The box is secure and is checked daily. Please clearly label who the item is for and the office location to which the item should be forwarded. The drop box is not to be used for U.S. mail.


Email is used extensively to contact students currently out-of-system, to inform students of last-minute changes or cancellations, and to send out follow-up reminders. Make sure to check your email on a regular basis.


In years three and four, students may take a total of four float holidays. The expectation is that students will use float holidays as personal time or for religious holidays not on the calendar. Students may use up to two float holidays in any four or six week rotation during their third year and in any four week rotation during their fourth year. A maximum of four float holidays may be used per academic year. Unused float holidays may not be carried over into the next academic year. Each clerkship director will determine if time needs to be made up by the student for an excused absence.

Students also have one personal days each year that does not carry over from one year to the next. Days off may also be requested for conference attendance, taking COMLEX, and internship/residency interviews. If approved, those days will be in addition to your personal day. Permission to miss time from your rotation is the decision of the specific Clerkship Director. Request permission for personal days by completing the Absence Request. The Absence Request should be used for those days, as well. Approval and submission of the Absence Request is required two to four weeks prior to the absence date. Once the Clerkship Director or Attending has approved your absence and signed your Absence request form, the form is to be forwarded to the Clinical Education Coordinator.


Schedule Changes

Schedule changes are granted if there is space available. Change requests must be submitted a minimum of two -four weeks in advance. Please follow the instructions for the Change in Rotation application (see Electronic Form).

Make-Up Time

If a student must take time off from a clerkship due to illness, injury or other personal circumstances, those weeks must be made up in order to receive credit for that clerkship. Make-up weeks must be scheduled with the Clinical Education Coordinator and are not permitted to occur during the same time as another clerkship. You will not receive credit for make-up time that has not been authorized by Academic Affairs.


Your Clerkship Director will submit your grade to the Registrar via the Clinical Evaluation form. You are given copies of the form during Clinical Skills Orientation. You are responsible for making additional copies as needed, and for giving the form to your preceptor on each rotation.

Liability Insurance

Students in good standing are covered by professional liability insurance during their clinical years as long as they are performing activities within the scope of their University approved training.

Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)

Information about the MSPE process for students applying to post graduate programs may be found at Dean's Letters.

Year III and Year IV Clinical Rotations and Schedules

Year III

Year III is comprised of the following components (not in order):

Clinical Skills Orientation

1 week

Family Medicine

12 weeks


4 weeks

Internal Medicine

6 weeks

Medical Jurisprudence



6 weeks


6 weeks


4 weeks


2 weeks


6 weeks


2 weeks

Year IV is comprised of the following components (not in order):

Fundamentals of Medicine 2

4 weeks

COMLEX Preparation

4 weeks

Emergency Medicine

4 weeks

Family Practice Specialties (Pain Management & Palliative Care)

4 weeks

Surgical Specialty

0 or 4 weeks

Medicine Specialties

0 or 4weeks

Medicine Core (Cardiology, Pulmonology, and/or ICU) 8 weeks

General Electives

20 weeks

Schedule 2012-2013- Year IV

Schedule 2013-2014- Year IV

Please refer to the "Fourth Year Program and Course Descriptions" section of the RowanSOM Education Handbook for more information about clinical rotations and policies for Year IV.


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