Clinical Education

Forms (in alphabetical order)

Absence Request

An Absence Request is required for all absences from RowanSOM clinical rotations, including conference attendance, taking COMLEX exams, going for interviews and utilizing your personal day. You must obtain the Clerkship Director's signature a minimum of 14 days in advance of the requested absence date. Absences during electives must be arranged directly with the elective site, and do not require an Absence Request.

Waiver and Release for Study Outside the University or its Affiliates

Students at Rowan University may request permission to participate in a program of study or other educationally related experiences (“Program”) outside the University or its affiliates.  In consideration for being permitted to participate in a non-affiliated Program, students will have to accept certain responsibilities and risks noted on the linked waiver. This Statement does not eliminate the need for students to sign additional waiver forms with Academic Affairs.

Clerkship Application

The Clerkship Application is required for all elective rotations, whether in- or out-of-system and Surgical Specialties, out-of-system. A minimum of 30 days in advance of the start date, you should complete all of Part I, including complete contact information for the site. Then turn in the application, along with any other documents the site may require, to the Clinical Education Coordinator.

Non-Credit Experience Application

A Non-Credit Experience Application may be completed during vacation time or night/weekend hours while on a regularly scheduled rotation.

This form should also be used by first and second year students for medicine-related activities outside of class or summer programs. Several signatures are required.

Request to Make Up Clinical Weeks

A request to make up clinical weeks is required for medical, academic, or personal absences from RowanSOM clinical rotations over 5 days. This is reviewed by the Clinical Education Coordinator and discussed with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs before time off is approved. All missed weeks are required to be made up before you will be eligible to graduate.

Application for International Rotations

Students electing to rotate internationally should contact Mr. Tim Torre, Director of the International Center via email at or by phone at (856) 256-4105.


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