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Biomedical Sciences

Exciting Linkage with Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM): Guaranteed interview with Rowan SOM to a RowanGSBS student who has earned a minimum of 18 credits with a 3.60 overall GPA in our Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) program and a 500 MCAT score.

This program boasts a variety of evening program options designed to promote integration of the various biomedical disciplines into a single graduate level educational experience, providing a broad background in biomedical science coursework while maintaining flexibility to meet the needs and interests of individual students. The flexibility of the program allows us to design programs to accommodate individual student needs and in so doing help students find meaningful careers in the biomedical sciences.

The RowanGSBS Difference

Many students interested in our biomedical sciences options have aspirations to attend medical or other professional schools in the future. Students have the unique opportunity to enroll in up to two RowanSOM medical school classes*. Success in these first year medical school courses is a great indicator on your academic record of your ability and preparedness to succeed in medical school.

*Certificate students are not eligible to take courses with RowanSOM

Explore Biomedical Science Program Options

Biomedical Sciences Options Thesis Credits Average Length*
Masters of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) Non-thesis 30 3 semesters
Certificate in Biomedical Sciences Non-thesis 18 2 semesters
Masters of Biomedical Sciences with Public Health (Rutgers) MBS/MPH Non-thesis 57 4 semesters
* Length of program depends on how many credits a student takes each semester. Thesis work tends to be less predictable as graduation is dependent upon successful completion of dissertation and defense.

Curriculum Information

In addition to the courses listed below, students are required to take electives to meet the minimum credit hour requirement to earn their degree. Please review our course catalog and schedules to view elective offerings.

ALL Biomedical Sciences Programs
  • Core Requirements:
    • Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I
    • Fundamentals of Cell Biology II
    • Fundamentals of Systems Biology III
Dual Public Health Degree (Rutgers)

Master of Biomedical Science and Master of Public Health dual degree students complete required core and elective courses at RowanGSBS and take additional coursework with Rutgers School of Public Health to earn a MBS/MPH dual degree. Students are required to meet the minimum credit hours and graduation requirements with each school to earn the dual degree.

  • Health Systems and Policy Coursework at Rutgers School of Public Health:
    • Introduction to Biostatistics
    • Principles of Health Care Management
    • Introduction to Epidemiology
    • Introduction to Environmental Health
    • Health Education and Behavioral Science
    • Additional Courses as outlined in handbook
    • Fieldwork