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Frequently Asked Questions

Many students have similar questions about our school and programs. If your question cannot be answered here, please contact us!

Admissions FAQ

Q: How do I check the status of my application?
A: Once you apply to RowanGSBS, you will be contacted weekly with what items are outstanding to complete your application. If after receiving your weekly application update, you still have a question or concern about a particular item, please email us. If you have not yet applied but starting sending items such as test scores or transcripts, we recommend submitting your application to get confirmation as to what items have been received by our office since we cannot easily track individual documents without receiving a submitted application.

Q: Can I fax my transcripts and/or letters of recommendation?
A: No, we cannot accept faxed transcripts or letters of recommendation. All transcripts must be official and therefore sent directly from the issuing institution. Some schools participate in electronic submission of official transcripts which can be sent to our email directly from the issuing school. Letters of recommendation can be sent via mail or email. If they are sent via email, please be sure it is sent on official company letterhead with an original signature (not a typed name) and come directly from the letter writer’s official business email address.

Q: I have a degree from another country, do I need to submit a credential evaluation such as WES?
A: No, we no longer require evaluations of international credentials, however all transcripts must have English translations.

Q: Is there housing on-campus?
A: No, there is no on-campus housing. However, there are many affordable apartment complexes within walking distance, please view our housing section.

Q: I am an international student, to which programs can I apply?
A: International students are eligible to apply for any master's or doctoral program and are NOT eligible to apply for any certificate programs. GSBS recommends all applicants to the Masters of Molecular Pathology and Immunology program own a personal vehicle.

Doctoral FAQ

Q: On average, how many applications will the PhD program receive and how many seats are available?
A: We typically receive about 40-50 applications for 4-8 student positions in the doctoral program.

Q: Does the PhD program provide scholarships and are international students eligible?
A: Yes, the scholarship is the same for all students, as long as the student stays in good academic standing: A stipend of at least $28,455 (check tuition chart for current amount), waived tuition, paid health insurance and most student fees are paid.

Q: What is the average time that the PhD student takes to complete his/her degree?
A: The average PhD student finishes early in their year 5 (5.17 years) in our doctoral program. However, a student may stay for 7 years to finish, if needed.

Q: Can I work at another job while I'm in the PhD program?
A: International PhD students cannot work any other jobs while being on an F-1 Student Visa. However, American students can work another job but it is best to speak with your mentor about any job opportunities you may be seeking. More importantly, it may take you longer to complete your doctorate degree because you will not be putting 100% of your effort into your research.

Q: Once I have applied, how long does the application process take before a decision is made?

A: The application deadline is February 1st. Complete applications are reviewed after the deadline with most decisions being made between February and April. We encourage students to continue to apply, even after the deadline, until all available slots are full with the idea that the earlier the student applies, the better the opportunity for them to be considered.

Masters FAQ

Q: How long does it take to complete the biomedical sciences program?
A: The program is 30 credits and is designed to be completed in 3-4 semesters. Time to degree largely depends upon the individual student. For example, those who have outside commitments such as work, parental/child care, are commuting, or who need to overcome significant undergraduate academic deficiencies, are encouraged to take fewer credits a semester and will therefore complete the program in a slightly longer timeframe.

Q: I plan on applying to medical school once I graduate, how is RowanGSBS linked to RowanSOM?
A: RowanGSBS students who have earned a minimum of 18 credits with a 3.60 overall GPA in our Master of Biomedical Sciences (MBS) program and a 500 MCAT score have a guaranteed interview with RowanSOM. This is a brand-new and exciting linkage with RowanSOM that was formally approved in the spring of 2017. Therefore at this time, we do not have any statistics on the number of students eligible to take advantage of this new linkage, nor the number of students who receive an interview who are then subsequently admitted to RowanSOM. We will publish more information as this new linkage goes into effect and we have more statistics to share with you.