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Become a GSBS Tutor

If you would like to be considered to work as a GSBS tutor, please review the documents below and submit a copy of your unofficial transcript (found in Self-Service Banner) to Kira Aguilar. You must circle or highlight the courses you would like to tutor. You must have earned an "A" or "A-" to be eligible to tutor that particular course. For Spring 2018, preference will be given to tutors who can tutor at least Systems Physiology (Formerly Fundamentals III) and/or Biomedical Data Analysis. At minimum, tutors must be enrolled at least half-time (5 credits) to be eligible to participate for that term.

Please keep in mind, if you are accepted to tutor, you must have a complete FAFSA online with the Financial Aid office but are NOT required to receive a loan. For more information about Financial Aid and the FAFSA, please click here.

You will be given more information about the hiring process once you have applied.

For Spring 2018

  1. Job Description
  2. Tutoring Program Guidelines

Request a Tutor

*Please note: SOME tutors are still undergoing the hiring process and are not permitted to begin working. You will be able to see them in the directory but are not able to request them at this time. Check back frequently on the GSBS Tutoring Blackboard course for an up-to-date listing of available tutors.

There are a few changes to the tutoring program for the 2017/2018 year. After completing a request for peer tutoring, you will be given access to the GSBS tutoring Blackboard course. This will allow you to review a directory of tutors and which courses they tutor. You will no longer be assigned a tutor for each course. This will allow you to work with tutors who have similar availabilities and can cater best to your learning style.

For Fall 2017 we have tutors for the following courses:

  • Microbiology
  • Cell Biology
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology -There is a new course director this semester. Your tutor may not be as familiar with the content for this course.

Request for Peer Tutoring Form- please email to