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The mission of the SAC is to serve the Senior Associate Dean and Executive Council of RowanGSBS in addressing issues regarding GSBS students. Its goals are to enhance the experience of the students, to ensure an excellent educational environment, and to further the teaching and research efforts of the faculty. It may gather information and recommend actions, act as liaison between students and administration, and serve as an advocate for students with concerns regarding administrative procedures, courses, research issues, and quality of life. It may also serve to address issues of ethics and fairness involving GSBS students.

In serving as an advocate for students, any of the committee members may be approached by a student with concerns, or by a faculty member with concerns about a student. The Senior Associate Dean, the committee chair, the committee and/or the Executive Council may then be involved in addressing the issue. The Senior Associate Dean may charge the committee with obtaining additional information and making recommendations. In this way, the SAC members serve to facilitate communication between students and the administration, especially regarding sensitive issues.

The SAC may occasionally gather information on quality of life and experiences of GSBS students using questionnaires. Issues arising out of such information may spur recommendations to the Senior Associate Dean and/or the Executive Council. The SAC may work with the other committees on issues regarding GSBS students.

RowanGSBS SAC Members are:

Eric Moss, Ph.D.

Molecular Biology Department

Katrina Cooper, Ph.D.

Molecular Biology Department

Rocco Carsia, Ph.D. 

Cell Biology Department

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