HIPAA regulations are applicable to anyone at Rowan University depending upon their job responsibilities, which includes having direct or indirect access to patients or their health information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) contains provisions to protect the confidentiality and security of personally-identifiable information that arises in the course of providing health care. Faculty, staff, students and residents must complete the HIPAA basic training and HIPAA and Medical Research training if their study involves access to patients and health information with or without the use of identifiers.

HIPAA and Medical Research

Rowan University has prepared a training module entitled “HIPAA and Medical Research” for investigators, research staff and research coordinators to understand how HIPAA regulations affect research. This training module is in addition to the basic HIPAA training provided by Rowan University (via the HCCS website) for physicians and other healthcare staff to remain in compliance with HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Investigators and key personnel at Rowan University who participate in the design, conduct, and/or reporting of research conducted on humans (including exempt categories of research) must complete the HIPAA and Medical Research training before IRB approval is granted. The Medical Research training module is ONLY required for those who use and disclose protected health information with or without identifiers. Those who have completed basic HIPAA training provided by RowanSOM’s Privacy Office are not required to take this training provided they are not engaged in human subject research.

Accessing Medical Research Training

Research staff may access the Office of Compliance and Corporate Integrity website, select “Corporate Integrity Agreement Trainings”.

  1. The log-on page will ask for your first and last name, and Network ID which is your nine digit Rowan ID# that begins with the number 9.
  2. Select, “Text and Graphics” and select “Continue”
  3. Click on HIPAA Compliance Report Period 5
  4. Select, “Yes I Agree…”
  5. Select “EXIT”