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Webinar on Ethical Issues in Personalized Genomic Medicine

The Hastings Center, the American Medical Association (AMA), and the PBS award-winning science series NOVA recently partnered to produce a webinar on personalized genomic medicine and the ethical issues it raises.

The webinar draws on Hastings' co-production with NOVA, Cracking Your Genetic Code, a one-hour documentary that received major funding from the National Institutes of Health. It aired on March 28, 2012, and was seen by 3.5 million viewers. The show examined ethical issues raised by personalized genomic medicine such as genetic determinism, privacy, understanding risk, and "designer babies."
The recorded webinar is available free online. Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues.
The PowerPoint presentation from the webinar can be downloaded here.

Presenters include Dr. Sandra Fryhofer, chair of the AMA Council on Science and Public Health; Rachel Connolly, Director of Education at NOVA; and Mary Crowley, Director of Public Affairs and Communications at The Hastings Center.


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