IRB fees (Print View)

These fees do not apply to NJDOH studies. To review the fee schedule for NJDOH studies, please go to the NJDOH Rowan IRB Webpage.

IRB review fees will be charged for:

  • Sponsored research
  • Unaffiliated investigators (those investigators who are not RowanSOM paid faculty, RowanSOM staff, or RowanSOM residents, students, and fellows)

There will be no fees for IRB review of the following:

  • NIH and certain other federal or state funded projects (check with your IRB office) Unanticipated Problem reports Protocol Deviation/Violation reports
  • Final Study reports (closures)

If you wish to request a waiver of fees for any other reason, please submit your request in writing to the RowanSOM Office of the Institutional Review Board at (856) 566-2712 providing justification.

IRB Fee Schedule

  • Full Board - $2,500
  • Expedited - $750
  • Exempt - $250
  • Facilitated - $100
  • Non-Human Subjects Determination - $50
  • Full Board - $750
  • Expedited - $250
  • Full Board - $250
  • Expedited - No Fee

$1,000 per site visit