Center for Medical Weight Loss and

Metabolic Control

We know you are serious about weight loss and we are here to provide you guidance and support every step of the way. To get the most out of the initial consultation, before your first visit you should:

  1. Have laboratory testing done. Comprehensive laboratory testing will help us assess your insulin resistance, thyroid function and cardiac risk factors. You should get these tests done before our first visit. Your primary care doctor can order these labs for you.
  2. Fill out an Initial Health History Form.Your primary care doctor can give this to you. Be sure to bring it with you at your initial visit. With the information in the form we can assess your condition to better create a personalized weight loss plan.
  3. Check Insurance Coverage. If Dr. Adarsh Gupta or the RowanSOM Department of Family Medicine office located in Stratford is not your primary care provider, your health benefits must be determined through your medical insurance plan prior to your first visit. At least four weeks before your appointment, please contact your insurance plan and request that they send a letter addressed to you confirming any covered services related to medical weight management and counseling, or stating that your plan and policy provide no coverage for these services.

    If the letter indicates that your insurance covers medical weight management and counseling, please provide a copy of the letter to our staff one week in advance of your scheduled appointment so that our staff can request your insurance plan and identification number, verify your specific benefits, and obtain any necessary preauthorizations.

    In the event that your insurance plan does not provide coverage, please bring the letter with you to your first appointment and you should be prepared to pay for services provided at the time of your visit(s). For your convenience, we accept major credit cards.

    Please note that our office does not guarantee reimbursement by insurance companies, as most weight management services are not covered by insurance.

  4. Prepare properly for the Body Composition Analysis. At your initial visit, you will have a Body Composition Analysis by way of a Body Impedance Analysis (BIA). Please follow the precautionary measures before the BIA testing.

We are looking forward to your healthy lifestyle change.


For a University Doctor use our Find a Doctor tool or call 856 309-DOCS.

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