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Dear Dr. Gupta,

Thank you so much for helping me to lose weight and also to maintain it, I have been on weight management for 6 months and feel better about myself. It has helped me a lot in a positive way with my eating habits, because I used to eat a big meals and live off junk food and I didn't want to do that anymore. I have started eating healthy now. I eat small meals daily with 64 oz of water and I tell you I feel so much better now and happy that I don't have the extra weight. I feel sexy now and I can fit in my clothes better. I am confortable with who I am now. Thank you so much.


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The HEATHY EATING & LIFESTYLE PROGRAM (HELP) along with Dr. Gupta gave me the jumpstart I needed to begin my healthy weight loss. I have struggled with my weight on and off since a teenager but I had recently hit an all time high. I had been eating fairly healthy but with the help of Dr. Gupta I was able to eat even healthier, learned what type of nutrition I should be looking for, how often to eat throughout the day, and the anti-suppressant taught me how to eat the reccommended portions rather than a larger serving. The body composition scale let me know if my eating and exercise routine were effective; thus providing the perfect feedback and motivation necessary to keep on track. I am still working on staying healthy and still have more weight to lose and muscle to gain but now I have the tools to do so. Thanks so much Dr. Gupta!


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This program has really helped me reach my goals. Although it is still a work in progress, I have already lost an astounding 100+ pounds!!! I also had Lap Band surgery, but with the help of Dr. Gupta, I am able to track my success not only with how many "pounds" I have lost, but really focus in on the amount of fat I have lost and the amount of muscle I have gained

In the past I have tried many diets and have lost weight each time, but the problem was that I did not exercise. I never realized the importance of this in maintaining weight loss before and never realized that diets don't work, but rather you have to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. I no longer dread exercise and eating healthy, it is simply a part of my every day life. I actually get excited about finding new low fat foods that are high in protein (something Dr. Gupta will stress the importance of) to add to my diet. Believe me, if I can do this, someone who HATES to follow the rules, anyone can. You just need to be committed and ready to change your life.


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Dear Dr. Gupta,

I want to thank you for helping me achieve my weight goal. I started at 159lbs and am now 132lbs. Your weight loss program has been a tremendous help to me. I am motivated to keep it off. My husband thinks I look great!!

Thank you very much.


Emily-Before Emily-After

Dear Dr. Gupta,

I would like to thank you for all your help and encouragement in my weight loss. For so many years I struggled with my weight. I was so unhappy at times and tried many other ways to lose the weight, and was truly unsuccessful. When I first started your weight loss program in October, 2008 I weighed 243lbs. Today 3 months later I am weighing at 215lbs. I went from a 42 in. waist to a 36 in. waist. The best part of it all is that I have continued to maintain proper eating habits and am enjoying the nutritional foods that help me stay in control. I still have to continue to reach my goal, but I am confident that I will achieve that goal.

Thank you truly for your awesome weight loss program it is definitely well recommended, and I know that others that struggle with weight problems will definitely benefit. I did and am glad I joined. Your interest in my progress and constant encouragement on my office visits, gave me the motivation to follow through! Once again, thank you so much.


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"The Best Decision I Ever Made"

After procrastinating for years, I made the decision to sign up with Dr. Gupta's weight management program.
It's really nice to have a doctor take such a personal interest in your progress.This program works, plus it was easy to follow. I've lost over 50 lbs and I feel great.
I'd recommend this program to anyone thinking about loosing weight.

Bob Wolfe

Bob-Before Bob-After

I just wanted to thank you for all of your nutritional advice & for helping me to lose 45 pounds (according to my scale).  I thought I was doomed to be fat forever, but the nutritional program that you started me on  has helped me to develop healthy eating habits, & to make the necessary lifestyle changes that I needed to make to be the healthy weight that I am now, and I know these changes will last me a lifetime. I never will to go back to the weight I was. You have to make permanent lifestyle changes to succeed at losing weight, and I feel that you gave me the information I needed in order to make smart choices & to change my old habits. Being thin tastes better than any food I want now. Sincerely,

Michele A


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