Top Docs 2012-2013

The University Doctors at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine (RowanSOM) are consistently named among the regions ‘Top Docs’in SJ Magazine, South Jersey Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine.


South Jersey Magazine:


Dr. Thomas A. Cavalieri


Dr. Lynne Stein

Obstetrics & Gynecology:

Dr. Anthony P. Salerno

General Pediatrics:

Dr. Richard C. Simmers

Reader’s Choice, Alternative Medicine:

Dr. Sajid Surve

Reader’s Choice, Family Medicine:

Dr. John F. Bertagnolli

Dr. Joshua S. Coren

Dr. Robert Hudrick

Dr. Aubrey M. Olson

Reader’s Choice, Geriatrics:

Dr. Terrie B. Ginsberg

Reader’s Choice, Headache & Pain Management:

Dr. Youssef Josephson

Reader’s Choice, Internal Medicine:

Dr. H. Timothy Dombrowski

Dr. Joanne Kaiser-Smith

Reader’s Choice, Obstetrics & Gynecology:

Dr. Michele Tartaglia

Reader’s Choice, Pathology:

Dr. Janusz J. Godyn

Reader’s Choice, Pediatrics:

Dr. Jacqueline M. Kaari

Reader’s Choice, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation:

Dr. Richard T. Jermyn

Reader’s Choice, Psychiatry:

Dr. Michael J. Friedman

Dr. Douglas T. Leonard

Reader’s Choice, Pulmonary Medicine:

Dr. James C. Giudice

Dr. Thomas Morley

Reader’s Choice, Sports Medicine:

Dr. Kathryn C. Lambert


SJ Magazine

Critical Care:

Dr. Ed Hamaty

Family Practice:

Dr. Jennifer Caudle


Dr. Donald McMahon

Geriatric Medicine:

Dr. Thomas A. Cavalieri

Dr. Anita Chopra

Dr. Kevin Overbeck

Geriatric Psychiatry:

Dr. Martin Forsberg

Dr. Stephen Scheinthal

Internal Medicine:

Dr. H. Timothy Dombrowski


Dr. Alan J. Shienbaum


Dr. Michael Friedman

Dr. Douglas Leonard


Dr. James Giudice


Philadelphia Magazine

Geriatric Medicine:

Dr. Thomas A. Cavalieri

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