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Rowan University's 2014-2015 "Sport Club of the Year". USTA Middle States New Jersey District 2014 "Team Spirit" award. USTA Tennis on Campus 2014 "Holiday Team Spirit" award. USTA Middle States 2014 "Club of the Year" award


We are a co-ed club always looking for new members to join. Practices are always held on Friday afternoons at 3:00pm and there will also be an additional practice or two that varies by the week. The club season runs throughout the entire academic year, September to May, and additionally the club also meets for various team activities off of the tennis court as well.

Since Rowan does not have enough court space for our large club, James G. Atkinson Park Memorial Park, also known as Bethel Mill Park, serves as our official, main practice location. The park is about 5 minutes from Rowan's campus. Carpooling will be available on a limited basis.

For more advanced players, there is a tournament team within the general club that there will be tryouts for at the beginning of the fall semester. From the tryouts, 8 males and 8 females will be chosen for the tournament team. The tournament team travels to roughly 7 tournaments at local colleges each semester. Throughout the academic year, there will be opportunities to challenge up to the tournament team.

There are $25 membership dues that are collected from everyone once per academic year. Your membership dues give you a chance to tryout for the tournament team, help fund tennis balls for the club, and earn you an exclusive club t-shirt. In order to maintain your "club status", you must come to at least 50% of team practices for general club, and 75% of practice for tournament team members as well as participate in our mandatory community service events and fundraisers.

The club is open to players of any skill level; we do not make cuts!!
However, we do not provide tennis lessons. You will improve your game through the drills and matches that we play at practice but formal lessons are not provided by the club. The club only provides court space and tennis balls, you must bring your own tennis racquet and other tennis equipment that you feel necessary.


We have an annual general interest meeting at the start of the fall semester. At the meeting, the contents and activities of the club will be better explained in depth.

All club updates about practices and team aactivitieswill be announced on the "RowanTennis" Facebook page, so please go and 'like' it! See you out on the court!


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