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The Key to College Success

Research indicates that there are certain factors that predict success in college. The following are 20 basic ideas for success.

  1. Establish clear and specific goals for yourself.
  2. Get to know what helping resources are available on campus.
  3. Identify and establish a relationship with at least one person on campus who cares about your success.
  4. Develop a time management system that works for you and stick to it.
  5. Try not to work more than 20 hours per week if you are a full time student.
  6. Distinguish your learning style and assess and improve your study habits.
  7. Study in groups whenever possible, join study groups.
  8. Develop a positive relationship with professors, get help when needed.
  9. Develop critical thinking skills and think "out of the box."
  10. Become familiar with the library and other sources of information on campus.
  11. Choose professors who involve you in the learning process. Ask around about teaching styles and choose one that best fits your learning style.
  12. Attend all classes and participate.
  13. Locate a great academic advisor or counselor to support and guide you.
  14. Visit the Career Center and meet with a counselor early on.
  15. Improve your writing and computer skills.
  16. If you are not assertive, take measures to become more assertive.
  17. Make at least one or two positive friends who have the same ideals and personal standards as you.
  18. Get involved in campus life.
  19. Take care of your health. Get necessary sleep, eat properly, exercise, handle stress in a positive manner, make good decisions about sex, drugs and alcohol.
  20. Have realistic expectations for yourself and "don't beat yourself up when you do not perform as well as you would have liked"—ask for assistance.