Office of Community Standards & Commuter Services
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Commuter Students

Commuting to Campus

By Car
Those driving to campus should register their vehicle with Public Safety by getting a campus parking permit. Off-campus and commuter students should also be aware of location in which they are able to park. Commuter students are not permitted to park on campus overnight. Overnight is defined as between 2am-6am. Students are also encouraged to abide by local ordinances pertaining to parking in the area.
To avoid fines/tickets read parking signs in the area before parking.
Register your vehicle 

Campus Parking for Commuter and Off-Campus Students

Commuter Parking Lots: A, C, D, M-1, R, X and Y (highlighted in yellow)
* Evening students with a valid permit may park in employee lots H, Z-1 and P after 4:30pm (highlighted in orange)

If you are traveling a distance to campus be sure to check the traffic before heading out to avoid any unnecessary delays. The latest traffic updates can be found at nj511listed below. Students can also download a free traffic app through nj511 called Trumpit which allows you to receive traffic updates through your phone.

By Bus/Train
If you are traveling to campus by either bus/train be sure to check the schedule ahead of time. Allow ample time to arrive to campus and depart campus. Be sure to have an alternative transportation method in place in case public transportation is unavailable. Current NJ Transit schedules are available in the Chamberlain Student Center at the information desk.

NJ Transit "Where's My Bus?" program
If you are unsure of where the bus is in route text or call nj transit with your bus information and receive automatic updates about where your bus is. Find out more info here.
"Where's My Bus?" NJ Transit program ad

Interested in starting or joining a carpool? The Transportation Management Association (TMA) provides free carpooling services through the Cross County Connection (CCC)Program.
FREE services for commuters provided by CCCTMA, include:
•Rideshare matching
•Public transportation itinerary planning
•Up-to-the-minute traffic information via text message alert system

*Note: This site and service is not managed by Rowan University.

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Making Connections

It can sometimes be difficult for commuters to feel connected to campus; the best way to make connections is to get involved. Rowan offers a variety of opportunities for commuters to be involved whether through clubs and organizations or working on campus. Attending events on campus is a great way to meet new people outside of the classroom.

Campus Philly
Did you know Rowan students can receive discounts to events in Philly? Rowan is a partner of Campus Philly who provides programs, events, and discounts to Rowan students. Find out more about Campus Philly
Link to Campus philly website

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Commuting Tips

1. Have an alternate route to campus: Knowing alternative routes to and from campus is essential to help avoid being late to class when up expected situations arise such as traffic, road closings, and harsh weather conditions.
2. Equip your car with an emergency car kit: Don't be stranded on the road without items such as jumper cables, flashlight, tools etc.
3. Schedule your classes in blocks: Avoid having long breaks in between classes which can take up your whole day, strategically plan your schedule so that it works for your life.
4. Utilize your free time wisely: Having extra time on campus is bound to happen, so put it to use and make the most of it. Use your free time to study, get homework done, attend clubs and organization meetings and attend events on campus.
5. Exchange contact information with at least one person in each class: Making connections in class is crucial to commuters. Classmates can help alert you when a class is cancelled, or take notes for you if you are unable to attend.
6. Get involved in activities and organizations: Don't just come to campus for class, be sure to attend programs and events. Check-out campus events
7. Sign-up for a commuter meal plan: Meal plans can come in handy if you need to grab lunch or even a quick coffee break; it also allows you to save money rather than using cash in the dinning areas.
8. Carry extra cash: Be sure to carry a few extra dollars in case an emergency arises.
9. Don't forget your phone: You never know when an emergency will come up, be prepared with your phone available for use. Input important contact numbers like public safety directly into your cell for convenience.
10. Sign up for the Rowan Emergency Alert System: Find out about school closings, before you reach campus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can commuters park?
Commuter students can park in lots A, C, D, M-1, R, X and Y with a valid commuter parking permit. Parking permits can be obtained through public safety. Commuter lots are restricted overnight between 2am-6am. Please consult to campus map for references to parking areas.
Campus Maps

Do offices and services have evening hours?
Many student service offices have late hours until 7pm on various days. Confirm with the specific office to determine the exact day and time.

How do I access the Library database from off-campus locations?
Access campus networks from off-campus

Are there specific activities for commuters?

The Office of Community Standards & Commuter Services will sponsor program and events throughout the year that address off-campus and commuter student needs. Programs may take place on campus or within the local community where many off-campus students reside. Off-campus and commuter students are able to attend any campus sponsored program and event. We encourage students to attend Rowan After Hours (RAH) and activities sponsored by Student University Programming SUP.

How do I know if classes are cancelled due to inclement weather?
Students are informed of cancelled classes due to weather through the university alert system. It is strongly suggested that off-campus and commuter students sign up for the alert system. Classes that are cancelled by the professor may be announced via email so students should check their university mail frequently. It also helps to have a reliable classmate who can inform you when class has been unexpectedly cancelled.

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