Counseling & Psychological Services

Emergency Guide - Faculty & Staff

The Wellness Center
Winans Hall
201 Mullica Hill Rd.
Glassboro, NJ 08028
Phone: 856-256-4333
Fax: 856-256-4427

Office Hours
8:00am to 6:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

8:00am to 8:00pm Wednesday

8:00am to 4:00 pm

Emergencies During Office Hours
Visit the Wellness Center and ask to speak with someone immediately

After Hours Emergencies
Call Public Safety at
256-4911 and ask for Counselor on Call

Keeping Appointments
We ask that you please contact the Wellness Center in advance to cancel appointments you are unable to attend, so that the appointment might be made available for another student.


  1. If I suspect that my friend has been drugged, I seek professional help.
  2. If I saw someone who was intoxicated left behind by her friends, I would tell them to take her with them.
  3. If I suspect that my friend is in an abusive relationship, I ask her/him and provide information about resources available.
  4. If I suspect a friend has been sexually assaulted, I let her/him know I am here if they want to talk.
  5. If I hear someone yelling and fighting, I call 911.
  6. If I see someone spike another person's drink, I stop them and call police or get someone else to.
  7. If I see a friend grab, push or insult a potential victim, I say something, go get help or get someone else to.
  8. If I see a stranger grab, push or insult a woman, I say something or go get help or get someone else to.
  9. If I see a friend take an intoxicated person up the stairs, I stop and ask what is going on - or create a distraction to interrupt the situation.
  10. If someone appears upset, I ask if they are okay.
  11. If I notice someone has a large bruise, I ask how they were hurt.
  12. If I see a person sexually assaulting another person, I intervene.
  13. If my professor explains that women "say ‘no' when they really mean ‘yes'," I interrupt and make an attempt to educate the professor.
  14. I talk to my friends about consent... and how he or she should wait until their partner verbalizes his/her feelings.
  15. If I choose to leave a party early, I account for the people I came with.
  16. If I see two men dragging a woman into a room, I call for help and intervene.
  17. I will offer to watch my friends' drinks when they leave the table.
  18. If I know or suspect that a friend is in an abusive relationship (physically, sexually, or emotionally), I tell them they can confide in me.
  19. I share statistics with my friends about power-based personal violence.
  20. If someone needs my help and I don't have the answer, I tap my resources and find someone who does.
  21. If I hear that someone is in a bedroom "in training," I call 911.
  22. I work to ensure organizations I am involved in collaborate with prevention efforts on campus.
  23. I take the opportunity to write papers or give speeches in class about the issue of violence.
  24. I write letters to the editor of the Kernel if I see articles that pertain to power-based personal violence - whether they are positive or negative.
  25. I strike up conversations with my friends about the importance of intervening in potentially high-risk situations.
  26. I go investigate if I am awakened at night by someone calling for help.
  27. If I see someone at a party who has had too much to drink, I ask them if they need to be walked home so they can go to sleep.
  28. If a woman is being shoved or yelled at by a man, I ask her if she needs help.
  29. If a man is being shoved or harassed by others, I ask him if he needs help.
  30. If I hear what sounds like yelling and fighting through my dorm walls I knock on the door to see if everything is ok.
  31. If I hear what sounds like yelling or fighting through my dorm or apartment walls, I talk with a resident counselor or someone else who can help.
  32. If I saw several strangers dragging a passed out woman up to their room, I would get help and try to intervene.
  33. If I hear an acquaintance talking about forcing someone to have sex with them, I speak up against it and express concern for the person who was forced.
  34. I will say something to a person whose drink I saw spiked with a drug even if I didn't know them.
  35. Grab someone else's cup and pour their drink out if I saw that someone slipped something into it.
  36. Call a rape crisis center or talk to a resident counselor for help if a friend, acquaintance or stranger told me they were sexually assaulted.
  37. Confront friends who make excuses for abusive behavior by others.
  38. Speak up if I hear someone say "s/he deserved to be raped."
  39. Educate myself about power-based personal violence and what I can do about it.
  40. Encourage a friend to get the Green Dot Bystander training.
  41. Encourage a friend to go through the Circuit training.
  42. I see a couple, whether I know them or not, in a heated argument. One's fist is clenched and the partner looks upset. I ask if everything is ok.
  43. I see a man talking to a woman at a bar. He is sitting very close to her and by the look on her face I can see she is uncomfortable. I ask her if she is ok.
  44. If I know information about an incident of sexual violence, I tell authorities what I know in case it is helpful.

Green Dot opportunities are infinite. You don't have to do them all, but you have to do some. Look for the green dots where your skill, interest, passion and opportunity intersect! That is where you can have the biggest impact. Remember: Everyday, Everyone!