Counseling & Psychological Services

Emergency Guide - Faculty & Staff

The Wellness Center
Winans Hall
201 Mullica Hill Rd.
Glassboro, NJ 08028
Phone: 856-256-4333
Fax: 856-256-4427

Office Hours
8:00am to 6:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

8:00am to 8:00pm Wednesday

8:00am to 4:00 pm

Emergencies During Office Hours
Visit the Wellness Center and ask to speak with someone immediately

After Hours Emergencies
Call Public Safety at
256-4911 and ask for Counselor on Call

Keeping Appointments
We ask that you please contact the Wellness Center in advance to cancel appointments you are unable to attend, so that the appointment might be made available for another student.

Counseling Services

General Information
Encouraging people to explore personal issues, examine feelings and consider alternatives in a supportive atmosphere with a professional, counseling is a great way to talk out issues with someone who will listen and provide useful feedback.

Students can have problems that can make their academic and personal lives at college difficult. It is not necessary to have a serious problem to see a counselor; sometimes it is helpful to simply have someone with whom to talk things over.

Common problems that students experience include but are not limited to adjusting to college or life transitions, relationship concerns, depression and anxiety, eating and body image concerns, family problems, alcohol and substance abuse problems, social anxiety and identity development.

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Individual Counseling
Individual counseling allows individuals to speak privately and confidently with a trained counselor about personal concerns and/or emotional problems, as well as to facilitate personal growth. Our counselors are trained and supervised in working with problems faced by college students and can be unbiased in helping individuals resolve problems.
This type of counseling may take one or several visits. The frequency of sessions is negotiated with your counselor. Most sessions are about 45 minutes in length.

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Couples Counseling
Providing assistance to couples going through difficult periods, couples counseling is beneficial in terms of working through existing problems and developing skills to strengthen and enhance the relationship as well as establish goals for the future.
The Counseling Center provides couples counseling to heterosexual and gay and lesbian couples. Only one member of the couple needs to be a currently enrolled student to utilize this service.

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Group Counseling
Group Counseling involves a small number of people meeting together on a regular basis under the guidance of a professionally trained therapist to help themselves and one another. Experiencing counseling in a group setting is helpful when trying to understand your own situation by giving you an opportunity to learn from others.
The Counseling Center provides a variety of counseling and therapy groups each semester depending on student needs. Topics include:

• Life Transitions
• Gender Issues
• Body Image Issues
• Trauma Recovery
• Relationships
• Anxiety
• Alcohol and Drug Education/Awareness

For a complete list of our current groups, please call the Counseling Center. Our contact information is located at the ride side of the screen.

Have questions about Group Cosunseling? Check out the Group Counseling page and see some Frequently Asked Questions.

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Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment
The Counseling Center provides both individual and group treatment for students with alcohol and other substance abuse problems. The CPSC is also able to provide referrals to community treatment options.
The Counseling Center offers a group with a combination of education on substance misuse and exploring one’s readiness to change as the basic theme of the group. The group offers students a safe environment to explore their relationship with substances and insight to make appropriate changes that can help avoid the consequences that often result from abuse.

For more information about these groups, contact Bob Logan at the Counseling Center @ x4222.

For information regarding alcohol/other drug abuse and addiction please visit the Healthy Campus Initiatives Website for more information.

CPSC staff serve as consultants to individuals and groups on the Rowan campus.

Consultation involves sharing knowledge and expertise to assist others in responding effectively to mental health issues impacting the campus community.

Consultation may involve a single meeting with a faculty member who has concerns about a particular student. It may involve an ongoing relationship, for example with a student organization seeking assistance in helping members learn to communicate more effectively together.

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