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We ask that you please contact the Wellness Center in advance to cancel appointments you are unable to attend, so that the appointment might be made available for another student.

Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Program



AOD screening and assessment is a service provided for students who are concerned about their use of alcohol or other drugs and may be contemplating entering into a treatment. Using evidence based assessment tools, a counselor and student will meet for a 1 hour, interactive session to determine if there is a Substance Use Disorder and the appropriate level of care and modality that is needed to address the disorder. It is a two-way dialogue of question and response between the counselor and student. Students may be mandated by an appropriate campus authority or schedule an appointment as a self-referral. All information obtained and recommendations made from this screening and assessment, strictly adhere to 42CFR Part2, Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records protecting the privacy and confidentiality of participating students. Only through a signed Authorization of Release, at the discretion of the student, allows for information to be shared to a third party. Exceptions to this are imminent risks for suicidality, homicidality, child abuse, or a court order.


The Rowan AOD Program offers ASAM –PPC Level -1, Outpatient Services, including individual, couples, family and group sessions. After appropriate screening and assessment have been completed, if a student proceeds into outpatient treatment at CPS AOD Services, an Intake Evaluation, a comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluation is completed. If recommendation from this evaluation are for individual outpatient therapy, then students participate in weekly, one-hour sessions. Treatment modalities are evidenced-based and combine elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavior therapy. Rowan Counseling Psychological Center & AOD Services offer students Co-Occurring services for those who may have a presenting mental health issue along with a substance-use disorder.

Group Therapy is available for individuals with a Substance Use Disorder who want to experience the support of a group process. Group Therapy is also available for students who do not have a substance use disorder but are impacted by the substance use of a friend or loved one and are struggling to cope with the dysfunction and chaos that substance abuse can cause in relationships or family dynamics. Group treatment combines elements of support with the building of coping strategies to manage the impact of substance use, prevent relapse, increase motivation for recovery, or cope with substance use of significant others and/or family members.


The Rowan AOD Class is a one session, two hour, didactic program of AOD education, prevention and intervention. The class format combines both cognitive-behavioral and motivational interviewing approaches, with the goal being to help students bring about behavioral changes in the patterns of AOD use and abuse on and off campus.

The Rowan AOD Class is primarily populated with students who have been sanctioned by the OCCS for violating the Rowan AOD/Code of Conduct policy, although self referrals and other interested parties are welcome on a case by case basis.


CHOICES About Alcohol is a small group alcohol education program. Decision-making about alcohol use is discussed over two one-hour sessions. This group is run from Healthy Campus Initiatives in collaboration with AOD services and the Counseling and Psychological Services Center.
If you have been mandated to attend a CHOICES program, contact Sandra Woodell to be placed in the next available class.


The Rowan AOD Program offers AOD related outreach programming including staff and faculty in-services, student educational programs, participation in campus health and wellness functions for all departments, education and prevention programs for athletics, fraternities, sororities, and other clubs and organizations, as well as responding to specific requests or interests of the function or group.


Many times the demands for AOD treatment require a more intensive modality of therapy and treatment to address the nature of the disorder. The Rowan AOD Program is here to provide a plethora of local and state resources for students who meet criteria for a higher level of care. In such cases, the AOD Program can provide referral and consultation and technical assistance to help insure a seamless transition and continuum of care. In most cases students can return to the Rowan AOD Services as an aftercare component for relapse prevention and support, for those students meeting outpatient level of care criteria.


AOD Treatment & Support Resources: The following links provide AOD Treatment services throughout the state of New Jersey.

NJ Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (Treatment Services)

NJ Division of Addiction Services

NJ Division of Mental Health Services

AOD Self Help & Support Groups for Individuals and Families: The following links provide AOD support groups for individuals with Substance Use Disorders as well as family members and friends dealing with Substance Use Disorders.


Alcoholics Anonymous

South Jersey AA

NJ Narcotics Anonymous


South Jersey AA Family Groups

New Jersey Narcotics Anonymous Support Group

AOD Information & Resources: The following links provide additional information about alcohol and other drugs.

National Institute of Drug Abuse

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration


For further information about our AOD Services, please contact Bob Logan, M.S., LCADC via email or at the Wellness Center at (856) 256-4333.

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