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Educational Opportunity Fund
Maximizing Academic Potential Program
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Hometown: Woodbine, NJ
PCI year: 2007
Graduated: 2011
Now: Graduate of New York University with a Master's in social work. Currently working with the Peace Corps in Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica.

The EOF/MAP program allowed me to enter the collegiate atmosphere and guided me to a life of volunteerism and leadership. I was actively involved at Rowan both outside of the EOF/MAP and within. Working three summers with EOF/MAP program, as a Residental Assisstant and as a Peer Referral and Orientation Staff member were the most effective tools I gained. Each helped me with my leadership skills, creative thinking, and very important, patience. They supported me the whole way to graduation and beyond. To this day I still have their support and are an extended family that helped further develop the man that I have become today.




Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ
PCI year: 2005
Graduated: 2009
Now: Completed MBA program at Rowan University in 2011; currently an investigator for the Division of Civil Rights for the state of New Jersey.

There are not enough words to explain how much EOF/MAP means to me.  “Extension of Family,” as many of us like to call it, is the most accurate expression for EOF/MAP.  My EOF/MAP family, as I like to call my fellow peers and EOF/MAP counselors, are my inspiration and motivation.  EOF/MAP has helped me find the true leader within myself.  It has helped me become a mentor for others and make a difference in my community.   Being accepted into the EOF/MAP program was the best opportunity I was ever given- it gave me the opportunity to devote myself to higher education.  EOF/MAP represents an opportunity to change and the determination to strive for success.

Thanks to EOF/MAP, I can make my family and friends proud and I can prove the people that doubted me wrong. EOF/MAP showed me the light of excellence and the darkness of mediocrity.  Without EOF/MAP, the world would miss out on all of my skills and talents that I developed during  my college years.  Without EOF/MAP, I could not make a difference and conquer my dreams!!!