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Learning Communities at Rowan University
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Rowan University has several living/learning communities to assist freshmen with adjusting academically and socially and to increase persistence to graduation. Consider applying to one of these exciting and interesting learning communities at Rowan.

What is a learning community?

A learning community is a living and learning first- to four-year experience that aims to support students in a higher education learning environment to increase their satisfaction, adjustment, and persistence to graduation.

Learning communities at Rowan have been designed to meet the specific needs of the students for whom they were created. The underlying theme of most communities is linked courses in which the learning community students are registered. Linked courses increase students' exposure to one another and assist with building community. The resulting increased interaction between students helps them to meet and know one another, learn in a comfortable engaging classroom environment, and work together in and out of the classroom.

Learning communities can be designed to

  • Increase student satisfaction freshman through senior year. They are most often designed to support the freshman year experience.
  • Provide opportunities for students to meet and get to know one another.
  • Assist students in adjusting socially and academically to the University.
  • Provide relevant and continual information about campus services, policies, procedures, and opportunities.
  • Interact in and out of the classroom and in Residence Halls with faculty, staff, and students who share a common bond.
  • Increase students' self-awareness and exploration of their major and related occupations.
  • Register students for two or more linked courses each semester.
  • Provide peer mentors for increased student contact.

Rowan University has the following living/learning communities (LC):

  • For Art Majors - to find out more about this community please contact Susan Bowman at 856-256-4019 or
  • For Biology Majors - to find out more about the "Bio Connection" Learning Community contact Dr. Maria Tahamont Please note that all first-year biology students are members of this community.
  • For Communication Radio/TV/Film majors - contact Dr. Joseph Bierman at 856-256-4289 or Please note that students must be communication majors and apply to be a part of the this community.
  • For Engineering Majors - to find out more about the Engineering Learning Community please contact Dr. Jess Everett at 856-256-5326 or, or check out the web page.
  • EOF/MAP - to find out more about the S.C.H.O.L.A.R.S. EOF/MAP Learning Community please contact Penny McPherson-Barnes at 856-256-4086 or Please note that students must be accepted to the EOF/MAP program first, and then they can apply to be a part of this community.
  • For Mathematics majors - to find out more about the Math Learning Community contact Dr. Ronald Czochor at 856-256-3886 or Please note that all first-year mathematics majors are a part of this community.
  • Special Needs Learning Community - to find out more about this community please contact John Woodruff at 856-256-4234 or Please note students must match certain criteria and apply to be a part of this community.