Division of Student Life


Welcome to each new semester at Rowan University! We hope you are ready to STEP UP to be successful and safe. The Division of Student Life is here to support your success in and out of the classroom.

Please take a minute to review this STEP UP graphic and reflect on the messages that can lead to good decision making and a healthy, satisfying and productive educational experience:

STEP UP graphic: if you are viewing this page through a screen reader, the content of this graphic is explained in the text directly below

These can be important themes for your success!

S - Safe Choices
T - Think Healthy
E - Embrace the Rowan Spirit
P - Participate
U - Understand and Appreciate Others
P - Preserve Resources

Don’t wait for others to set the pace… STEP UP! - Take control of your own decisions and live the best Rowan experience possible.

Please contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Life (Savitz Hall Suite 203) for assistance throughout your experience at Rowan. You can also email stepup@rowan.edu for questions or comments.


Richard Jones
Vice President for Student Life & Dean of Students