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Graduate Positions in Student Life

Student Life supports your professional development

The Division of Student Life works closely with the M.A. program in Higher Education, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Ph.D. in Education, and other graduate programs to provide internships, employment opportunities, and other professional development programs for our graduate students seeking professional experience within a dynamic Student Life division.

Position listings

OfficePositionAvailabilityContactMost recent staff member
Student Recreation Center Graduate Coordinator- Facilities August 1, 2016 Brian Calionew position
Student Recreation Center Graduate Coordinator - Youth Programming & Special Events August 1, 2016 Drew D'Elia Courtney Van Leuvan (anticipated May '16)
Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution - Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring ProgramGraduate CoordinatorAugust, 2016Temple JordanNakia Waters
Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution - LGBTQIA CenterLGBTQIA and Inclusion Programs Graduate CoordinatorAugust, 2016Gardy GuiteauTara Young
Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution - Multicultural CenterMulticultural and Inclusion Programs Graduate CoordinatorAugust, 2016Dr. JT MillsKaren Susie
Social Justice, Inclusion, and Conflict Resolution - Women's CenterWomen and Inclusion Programs Graduate CoordinatorAugust, 2016Gardy GuiteauSamantha Wagner

Our alumni

We are proud of the following Rowan alumni who are now working in these higher education roles:

NameCurrent PositionRowan Experience
Jeff Miele (M.A. '13)Area Coordinator, Monmouth UniversityGraduate Coordinator, Residential Learning & University Housing; Graduate Intern - Orientation
Katie Hood (M.A. '11)Web Content Coordinator, Character Education PartnershipGraduate Assistant, Orientation Programs & CGCE
Georgia Kouzoukas (M.A. '11)Undergraduate Coordinator: Department of Romance Languages, University of PennsylvaniaGraduate Intern, Leadership Rowan
Cory Boone (M.A. '10)Resident Director, Syracuse UniversityGraduate Coordinator, Greek Affairs
Gavin Farber (M.A. '10)Academic Advisor: Fox School of Business & Management, Temple UniversityGraduate Assistant, Dean of Students
Kaitlyn Howarth (M.A. '12)Student Center Operations Manager, Temple UniversityGraduate Assistant, Student Center
Melanie Alverio ('98, M.B.A. '00)Assistant Director: Marketing/Member Services,Rowan UniversityGraduate Assistant, Rec Center
Gary Baker ('04)Assistant Director: Orientation and Student Leadership Programs, Rowan UniversityRec Center
Robert-John Canning ('08)Assistant Director: Intramural & Sport Clubs, Towson UniversityRec Center
Megan Clark ('10)Assistant Director: Fitness, Kansas State UniversityRec Center
Ryan Davis ('06)Football Strength & Conditioning Coach, Samford UniversityRec Center
Tom Deus ('06)Assistant Director of Aquatics, University of GeorgiaRec Center
Jeanine Dowd ('00, M.A. '03)Academic Advisor, School of Biomedical and Health Professions, Rowan UniversityRec Center
Laurie Dwyer ('95)Academic Advisor, Rowan UniversityRec Center
Shena Faith ('07)Associate Director: Wellness/Recreation, PRATT InstituteRec Center
Ryan Fitzpatrick ('04)Fitness Coordinator, Sonoma State UniversityRec Center
Christopher Gottlick ('08)Coordinator of Intramural Sports, University of TampaRec Center
Christine Hackman ('10)Doctoral Graduate Assistant, University of AlabamaRec Center
Dave Hagedorn ('00)Assistant Director: Facilities & Informal Recreation, SIU, EdwardsvilleRec Center
Lauren Hanley ('06)Assistant Director of Fitness, Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT)Rec Center
Samantha Hirth ('08)Assistant Director of Fitness, Embry Riddle Aeronautical UniversityRec Center
Michael Husted ('06, M.S. '09)Office of Student Conduct Coordinator, University of Central FloridaRec Center
Tara Kalivas ('08)Assistant Director of Facilities Operations, Columbia UniversityRec Center
Amanda Kennedy ('09, M.A. '11)Senior Academic Advisor, Drexel UniversityGraduate Assistant, Rec Center
Christine Klimik ('02)Assistant Director of Recreation Services, University of DelawareRec Center
Timothy Leszczak ('00)Assistant Professor, Austin Peay State UniversityRec Center
Mark Paul ('10)Strength & Conditioning Specialist, University of GeorgiaRec Center
John Maher ('08, M.B.A. '11)Assignments Coordinator: Housing and Residence Life, Rutgers UniversityGraduate Coordinator, RLUH
Jon Bouchard ('08)Area Coordinator/Judicial Affairs, Philadelphia UniversityRLUH
Raven Holloway ('11)Residence Hall Coordinator, University of DelawareRLUH
Eli Trenado ('09)Resident Director, Texas StateRLUH
Amber Martucci Pantiliano ('08, M.A. '10)Resident Director, William PatersonRLUH
Aaron Holloman ('08)Area Coordinator, Penn State-University ParkRLUH
Mouna Moussa ('10)Residential Coordinator, NJITRLUH
Courtney Allen ('10)Area Coordinator, WidenerRLUH
Amanda Learn ('10)Resident Director, East Stroudsburg UniversityRLUH
Rachael Scharen ('08, M.A. '10)Residential Learning Coordinator, Rutgers UniversityRLUH
Sara Beth Bailey ('08)Assistant Director, New Student Programs, Rutgers UniversityRLUH
Bill O’Brien ('03, M.A. '06)Associate Director: Administration/Graduate Housing, Rutgers UniversityRLUH
Renee Grant ('11)Housing Operations Coordinator, Montclair StateGraduate Coordinator, RLUH
Lori Troise ('09)Resident Director, Montclair StateRLUH
Becky Sierp ('06)Assistant Director: Facilities/Administration, Montclair State/CapstoneRLUH
Mary Cate Schell Jordan ('10)Coordinator Academic Residential Programs, University of FloridaRLUH
Adam Jordan ('06)Assistant Director of Student Success, University of FloridaRLUH
Chris D’Angelo ('07, M.A. '10)Associate Director: Alumni Relations, RowanRLUH
Donovan McCargo ('03, D. '10)Dean of Studens, Community College of PhiladelphiaRLUH
Dave Stuart ('07)Director: Community Standards, AlverniaRLUH
Marquis Bennett ('02, M.A. '07)Associate Director: Student Affairs, Penn State-HazeltonRLUH
Mark Hauser ('95, M.A. '97)Facilities Manager: Housing/Residential Education, University South FloridaRLUH
Marnie Hauser ('97, M.A. '99)Director: Orientation, University South FloridaRLUH
Jessica Havery ('09)RD/Coordinator Marketing/Special Events, HofstraRLUH
Kate Chronister ('05, M.A. '07)Academic Advisor, Harrisburg Area Community CollegeRLUH
Cathy Ragan Briggs ('99, M.A. '01)Assoc. Dean of Activities/Campus Programs, Burlington County CollegeRLUH

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