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Rowan Rewards

Rowan Rewards

Rowan University rewards your leadership development

The Division of Student Life recognizes students who participate in learning outside of the classroom. We have a comprehensive leadership certification program in which students can earn three leadership certifications that convey their knowledge of leadership training, leadership application and organizational effectiveness, and leadership sustainability. We also work to provide other incentives to encourage student participation in campus events as listed below:

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ProfLink is the co-curricular involvement system for Rowan students. Find Organizations to get involved with and learn about campus Events. Your involvement adds to your co-curricular transcript

Leadership Rowan

Attend campus events to earn your leadership certification. 


Discover amazing events and groups around campus from your favorite mobile device. Corq is the Android and iOS app for campus events at Rowan University. Use Corq to find your niche and get involved on campus through organizations and groups dedicated to your interests.