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Student Life at Rowan University

Student Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Rowan

Student Life offers a comprehensive student leadership development program called Leadership Rowan. Learn how to get involved on campus and explore the variety of clubs & organizations available to help you develop and practice your student leadership skills.

Student Leadership Roles within Student Life offices & departments

The following are some key student leadership roles available within the Division of Student Life:

PositionDescriptionSelection TimelineType of OpportunityContact
Alternative Spring Break Leader
Service Learning, Volunteerism & Community Engagement
Student Leader position is a time-intensive, demanding, and rewarding enterprise. Student Leaders prepare throughout the entire year in order to lead their trip over academic break, and this leadership opportunity is certain to become a very personal and integral part of one's collegiate experience. Student Leaders are held to high standards, and we seek dedicated individuals who will delve into the social issues explored in their service. Dedicated students will emerge as well-rounded and educated leaders who are ready to take their community service experience to a new level and become active citizens.Applications available early fall and due by November each year.VolunteerAndrew Perrone, Service Learning, Volunteerism and Community Engagement
Community Safety Assistants (CSAs)Community Safety Assistants (CSAs) will work in conjunction with Resident Assistants and other RL&UH staff as well as Rowan Public Safety to ensure a safe and secure living environment for all residents. CSAs will be trained in procedures to monitor the residential areas of campus to identify and report safety and security concerns, assist residential staff in emergency and crisis response, as well as enforcement of behavioral expectations for students within university housing. Student employee, paid hourly.Annette McCully, Residential Learning & University Housing
EOF-Camden Summer Program Peer CounselorsPeer Counselors are student leaders who work with incoming EOF students to help them transition to Rowan University and increase the likelihood that these students will successfully complete the EOF Pre-college Institute. Peer Counselors are responsible for assisting the professional counselor in a variety of related interpersonal skills and workshops. In addition, Peer Counselors are responsible for assisting in the coordination student activities, monitoring classrooms, and providing academic support and appropriate referrals to campus resources.Applications are available in early March and due prior to spring break each spring.Student employee, paid hourly during the 6 week summer program.Dr. Donavan McCargo
EOF/MAP Leadership Mayra Arroyo, EOF/MAP
Freshman Connection-Service Leader
Service Learning, Volunteerism & Community Engagement
VolunteerAndrew Perrone, Service Learning, Volunteerism and Community Engagement
Harley Flack Mentoring AmbassadorHarley Flack Mentoring Ambassadors are students possessing leadership potential who receive simultaneous training and experience in serving as on site mentors to high school students while acting as a link between Rowan University and prospective students. In this role, students must display professionalism in both attire and demeanor during any interactions with high school students. Mentoring Ambassadors are required to attend training/planning meetings twice a month over the course of the semester during which they are serving.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of civic engagement to their overall education.
  • Students will reflect on their leadership potential and development.
  • Students affect positive change.
A call for participants occurs two weeks prior to the start of each semester. Interested students must attend an information session which takes place the first week of each semester.VolunteerGardy Guiteau, Mentoring and Academic Enrichment
Harley Flack Peer MentorPeer Mentors are well qualified sophomores, juniors or seniors in good academic and judicial standing who have successfully applied to serve as Sisterlinks or Focused Peer in Ujima or the Male Student Mentoring components of the Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring program. Peer Mentors are responsible for:
  1. Acting as role models for their mentees by maintaining a relationship with a faculty/staff mentors.
  2. Attending Peer Mentor training at the beginning of each semester and monthly peer mentor meetings.
  3. Meeting with their mentees once a week during the fall semester and twice a month during the spring semester; mentoring interactions are reported on weekly or monthly basis.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate leadership skills while serving as a peer mentor.
  • Students will practice learned mentoring skills by mentoring first-year students.
A call for Peer Mentors occurs in the middle of February. Interested students must attend one of several information sessions which take place from the last week of February to the second week of March. Applications are due in the middle of March. Interviews take place thereafter and offers are made by the middle of April.VolunteerGardy Guiteau, Mentoring and Academic Enrichment
Harley Flack Undergraduate CoordinatorUndergraduate Coordinators are third or fourth year program participants in good academic and judicial standing who have successfully applied to serve on the Student Coordinating Committee of the Dr. Harley E. Flack Student Mentoring program. As members of the Coordinating Committee, Undergraduate Coordinators receive training, mentorship and supervision in completing the following duties:
  1. Complete four office-hours per week in the mentoring program office.
  2. Keep track of peer mentor/mentee contacts through collection of Peer Mentor/Mentee Meeting Logs for each assigned mentoring cluster.
  3. Work in pairs to assist with planning, coordinating, marketing and executing program events and activities.
  4. Attend monthly Coordinating Committee meetings with the Assistant Director and Graduate Assistants to review progress of assigned mentoring clusters.
  5. Assist with interviewing and evaluating incoming peer mentors.
  6. Nominate faculty, staff, and student awardees for the Program Closing Ceremony.
  7. Assist with selecting Peer Mentors of the Month and Peer Mentors of the Year.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will reflect on their own leadership style and potential.
  • Student Undergraduate Coordinators demonstrate and practice leadership skills through coordination and execution of program events and activities.
The first week of June, qualified mentoring program participants are invited to apply to serve as Undergraduate Coordinators. Interviews take places during the month of July and offers are made by August 1st.VolunteerGardy Guiteau, Mentoring and Academic Enrichment
Health Center Student LeadersStudents work with professional healthcare providers to support health center operations. Student workers are knowledgeable and develop an understanding of various health requirements and regulations. They communicate with parents and students regularly to address healthcare needs at the center. Students learn about important healthcare resources at Rowan University and the surrounding community and have the opportunity to participate in campus wellness initiatives. Additional responsibilities include patient scheduling and processing. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in the field of healthcare.Résumés accepted in AugustStudent employee, paid hourlyJune Turner, Student Health Center
Healthy Campus Initiatives Interns
Healthy Campus Initiatives
Healthy Campus Initiatives (HCI) offers leadership opportunities for students in a variety of majors. Students who complete the internship program will have strong health promotion, leadership, collaboration, and coordinating skills that will lend well to many career choices. Interns plan, implement, and evaluate their program and also become published contributors to the online health magazine, Student Health 101.Students are selected at the conclusion of each semester for the following semester.This is an unpaid internship that can lend to credit for both undergraduate and graduate field placement in a variety of majors.Healthy Campus Initiatives
Peer Referral & Orientation Staff (PROS)
PROS assist new freshman and transfer students in the transition to Rowan University. They serve as orientation leaders, and maintain contact with new students to provide appropriate referrals to campus resources throughout the first semester.Applications available in November and due prior to winter break each fall.Student employee, paid hourly and receive room, board, and stipend during summer orientation period.Orientation & Student Leadership Programs
Recreation Center Student Staff

Rowan Rec Center

Rec Center student staff are expected to fulfill the mission and values of Rowan’s campus recreation facilities, programs and services. Staff members will support University, Student Life and Recreation Center policies and procedures in order to provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment to all students and members that seek fitness, wellness, recreational and sports opportunities. Through engaging employment experiences, staff will have opportunities to learn various transferable skills regardless of their major to complement their academic experience in seeking a career post graduation. Cover letters, resumes & application forms are required for consideration. A list of job descriptions and the required application form are available online. Hires are considered for summer employment as well as the upcoming fall/spring terms. Information sessions are available in December, January and February, where applicants can sign up for a group interview (available in December and multiple dates in February). Individual interviews will be conducted late February and March with hires determined by early April.Student employee paid hourly accepted. Federal Work Study (FWS) accepted Recreation Center
Resident Assistants (RAs)
Resident Assistants (RAs) are peer leaders trained to help students adjust to the university environment and promote the development of a safe supportive and inclusive residential community. RAs provide residents with a wide array of co-curricular programs to extend learning beyond the classroom as well as many social, cultural and recreational opportunities.The RA selection process is held December-January each yearStudent employee, residence hall housing & 10 meal plan, annual stipend of $800 paid bi-weekly.Annette McCully, Residential Learning & University Housing
Service Program Coordinator
Service Learning, Volunteerism & Community Engagement
OngoingVolunteerAndrew Perrone, Service Learning, Volunteerism and Community Engagement
Student Care Peer Educators
StudentCare is an organization of students of various majors who work together to promote health and wellness to the Rowan student community. They learn about and present on topics including substance use, safer sex, mental health, etc. StudentCare is open to new members at the start of each semester. Members of StudentCare are expected to become Certified Peer Educators within one year of membership.HP/FM majors receive contact hours. Other majors may be eligible for benefits through their professors.Healthy Campus Initiatives
Student Center Building Managers The position of the Student Building Manager is considered an extension of the professional staff when they leave for the evening The staff is responsible for the supervision of the student staff, ensuring events needs are met and securing the building @ closing. They serve as university liaison, welcoming students, faculty & staff, and outside customers when they arrive for their event. ensure all evening and weekend setups are completed in a timely manner and that all meeting, conference, banquet, and event rooms are set in accordance with the guests’ request. The Building Managers are also expected to have complete knowledge of the available technology in the building including setup, operation, troubleshooting & breakdown of the equipment. They are also required to be attentive to the safety and security of the Chamberlain Student Center facilities.OngoingStudent employee, paid hourly.Vinnie Surace, Chamberlain Student Center

These are some of the most advanced leadership positions within Student Life. For entry-level and other work study positions, please see the Rowan University Student Job Announcements website. The Career Management Center can also help you find an on- or off-campus job and help prepare you for an interview.