Multicultural Resource Center


The Multicultural Center is an evolution of the long established Office of Multicultural Affairs, whose services and programs are now housed in the Office of Social Justice, Inclusion and Conflict Resolution. The Multicultural Center serves as a resource for students from diverse cultural and identity groups, and is intended to promote celebration of diversity, development of cross cultural understanding and competency, and inclusion of diverse people in the Rowan community.

The Center supports and initiates programs that promotes the acknowledgement and acceptance of the differences that define the self-identity of faculty, staff, and students. Its ongoing purpose is the pursuit of maintaining an environment that cultivates the ability for all the constituencies of Rowan University to safely express those identities within the parameters of the institution's academic and social behavioral expectations.

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Inclusive CommUnity Building

Signature Programs and Initiatives

• Observance and celebration of national/international days or months concerning multicultural groups
• Workshops and Lecture Series on Intergroup Conflict Resolution and Civility
• Intergroup coexistence and dialogue programs addressing conflict and coexistence across identity groups
• Biweekly student discussions on issues of race, gender, sexuality, class, religious diversity, and interfaith engagement
• Collaboration with the Faculty Center to train faculty and promote inclusive classrooms and academic programs
• Training of student and faculty/staff facilitators
• Discussions and lectures concerning diverse cultures represented at Rowan
• Annual End-of-Year Rowan Cultural Celebration

Student Learning Outcomes

• Demonstrate an understanding of one’s own identity, culture, and heritage and seek to learn more about others
• Demonstrate an awareness of cultural differences, cultural commonalities, privilege, and the identities of others.
• Confront prejudices and discrimination by promoting multicultural sensitivity and social justice advocacy
• Identify needs and analyze the interconnectedness of multicultural societies
• Communicate effectively with a diverse student population
• Demonstrate the practices associated with being an ally

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