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The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) at Rowan University works diligently to create an environment that fosters the institutional integration and submersion of diversity and multiculturalism. The office supports and initiates programs that foster the acknowledgement and acceptance of the differences that define the personal self-identity of faculty, staff, and students. Its ongoing purpose is the/ pursuit of maintaining an environment that cultivates the ability for all the constituencies of Rowan University to safely express those identities within the parameters of the institution's academic and social behavioral expectations.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is located in the Chamberlain Student Center, Suite 210, Room 214.

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Inclusivity (Rowan University)

Rowan University embraces and celebrates the uniqueness of each member of our community and is responsible for cultivating an atmosphere in which all members feel valued and welcomed regardless of race; disability, gender; ethnicity; sexual orientation; political, religious or social ideologies; or socio-economic status. The university must provide opportunities for safe, constructive dialogue that will enable all members to move beyond mere tolerance to actively embrace diversity in all forms as part of our daily interactions.

Inclusiveness (Student Affairs)

We value cultural, individual, and role differences by creating supporting and affirming climate for individuals of all races ethnicities, national origins, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, abilities, sizes, socioeconomic statuses, and languages. We value the dignity of each individual as well as the ethical and equitable treatment of all members of the community in an atmosphere of mutual trust. We are guided by the principle that celebrating diversity enriches the lives of all people.

Individual and Group Responsibility

Every member of the Rowan community is responsible for ensuring that we all work towards the creation of an inclusive environment. Faculty do so in the classroom, professional staff in serving students, and students within the communal living areas, have the opportunity to engage in cultural and intellectual border crossings that will allow the richness of different customs and ideologies to be, explored, developed, shared, and embraced.


The university acknowledges that creating an inclusive environment is not an easy task. Inclusiveness as a goal for the Rowan community means that all constituencies will accept the challenge to re-examine deeply ingrained perceptions and mindsets. In order to achieve such a goal the Office of Multicultural Affairs is launching the Social Justice Ambassadors Progrma & Campaign. If you would like to participate in this program orcampaign you can obtain information in the Chamberlain Student Center (Room 214).

For upcoming events and information:

2nd Annual Social Justice & Cultural Competency Student Conference 09/27/2014

Deadline to sign up will be 09/16/2014

For further inquiries contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Dr. John Mills at ext. 4448 or

Set of policies and protocols to assist you with reporting concerns and seeking assistance in difficult situations.